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November 3, 2011


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Our presentation is about baseball

These days, baseball is a popular sport in Korea
The KBO is the Korea Baseball Organization
The number of KBO’s spectators exceeded 6million
The reason why KBO has become popular in Korea is because of the World Baseball Classic(WBC) and Olympic

In the 2008 Beijing Olympics the Korean, baseball team won a gold medal
The Korean baseball team played 9 games and won every game
In the 2009 WBC, the Korean baseball team ranked second best
The Korean baseball team moved into the final
However the Korean baseball team lost to the Japanese baseball team
Due to those two big matches, baseball is getting popular in Korea and the number of people watching baseball has passed 6 million

The Korea professional baseball league is organized into 8 teams
The teams play over 100 games and them are ranked by the percentage of victories
KPB has regular league and post season
Post season is the match that decides the winning team after regular league
Third-ranked and fourth-ranked teams of the regular league play and then the winner has a match with second-ranked team and then the winning team has a match with the first-ranked team
These are called semi play-offs, play-offs and the Korean Series
In Korean Series for this year, the Samsung lions was the winner and it was their 5th victory
The team with the most victories in the Korean Series is KIA Tigers
They won 10 times

Discussing Question
1. Do you like baseball? Why Or Why Not?
2. What’s your favorite baseball team? Why?
3. Who is your favorite baseball player? Why?
4. Why is Korean baseball famous?
5. Have you ever seen a baseball game at a baseball stadium? How did you feel?

1. Exceed : It is greater or larger than a mount or number
2. Professional : It means people who do a particular thing to earn money rather than as a hobby
3. Spectator : It is someone who watches something, especially a sporting event
4. Organization : It is an official group of people or a club
5. Popular : It is enjoyed or liked by a lot of people

Group#1 김동연,최정훈,엄지훈,마주환


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