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November 3, 2011

Credit gained by doing your military service

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We will present about credit gained by doing your military service. Our topic is unique. This problem occurs in Korea. When men finish their military service, they gain credits. Some people are concerned that this creates inequality in society.

(1)Supporter of this policy claim that we must receive some reward for doing our military service because we can’t do many things during military service. (2)Also men can be discriminated against by women because men can’t study while men do military service. But women can study. Women don’t perform military duty directly. So they can be superior to men who performed military service.

(3)However other people disagree with the system of giving rewards to men because that kind of duty is an inevitable thing. (4)Men can discriminate against women when we think differently. In the civil service examination just 2~3 percent of points that they got are very important. Because the gap between successful and unsuccessful candidates’ scores are very narrow.

So, we walk about this problem with our classmates. Because people fight each other because of this problem

Credit – praise that is given to someone for something they have done
Military service – army training that young people must do in some countries
Civil service – the government departments and the people who work in them
Candidate – someone who is taking an exam
Inevitable – certain to happen and unable to be avoided or prevented


[4]Discussion Question

1. Do you agree with giving credit to men who do their military services? Why or why not?
2. What other rewarding system can solve this problem? Why?

Class # : 93
Group # : 6
Group Members : Kim Mi-Gyoum , Park Jae-Seok , Yu Jin-Yong , Lee Woo-Sung


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