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November 3, 2011

Double face of e-cigarette

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pernicious – [adjective] If you describe something as pernicious, you mean that it is very harmful.
shrink – [verb] If cloth or clothing shrinks, it becomes smaller in size, usually as a result of being washed.
dicker – [verb] If you say that people are dickering about something, you mean that they are arguing or disagreeing about it, often in a way that you think is foolish or unnecessary.
crack down – [idiom] to try harder to prevent people breaking a rule, using something harmful, committing a crime, etc. and deal severely with those who do

These days many people decide to stop smoking for their health. Instead, they choose to smoke e-cigarette. E-cigarette emits water vapor instead of tobacco fumes, and reduced pernicious ingredients that cigarette has. Then, Does e-cigarette has only the good points? We’re about to talk about the double face of e-cigarette.

First of all, the question is that does e-cigarette actually made people quit smoking.
As a matter of fact, it’s a substitute of cigarette since it contains nicotine. people tend to smoke e-cigarette much more than they used to smoke cigarette because it’s hard to count how much they smoke it. Eventually it results in serious nicotine addiction and make people far hard to quit smoking.

Secondly, the side effects of e-cigarette are increasing. It’s main side effect is a serious sore throat counting for 25%, and there are also headache, sickness, and coughing. While normal cigarette is burned and shrinks, e-cigarette doesn’t. So there is likelihood of excessive smoking.

Finally, it’s a trouble that the rate of adolescent smokers is increasing because of the e-cigarette. Selling and buying it online are currently prohibited, but it’s still dickered illegally. It’s a electronic transactions so even the police can’t crack down it. It is once reported that the 20% of the purchaser of it is teenagers.


●Discussion Questions●
1. Do you smoke? If so have you ever thought that you will smoke e-cigarette to non-smoke about using an e-cigarette to quit smoking?
2. Do you think that e-cigarettes are goods to decide a good way to stop smoking?
3. Have you ever thought that e-cigarettes helps nonsmoking Do you think that e-cigarettes can help stop smoking? Why?
4. What do you think about the fact that that government restricts advertisements about e-cigarettes?

Class # : 93
Group # : 5
Group Members : 이경희(Lee Kyoung-Hee), 강민주(Kang Min-Ju)


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