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November 3, 2011

Girl groups’ revealing costumes

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* Girl Group : A popular music act featuring everal young female singers
who generally harmonise together.
* costume: (noun) a set of clothes worn in order to look like someone else,
esp. for a party or as part of an entertainment
* sex commercialization : Treat sex like a thing that can be sold or bought
* Male-centric way of thinking : men’s ways of thinking to think the center
* wardrobe malfunction : An embarrassing situation caused by the clothes a
person is wearing

Our presentation is about Girl groups’ revealing costumes
Nowadays Girl groups’ revealing costumes is becoming a serious social problem.
So we chose this topic

The more serious thing is underage Girl groups’ revealing costumes, because
they’re too young to wear revealing costumes. also they should protected by law.
Nevertheless underage Girl groups’ sexy pictorial have become a hot issue.
On the stage when they dance vigorously, sometimes a “wardrobe malfunction” occurs.
For example.

This problem is caused by 3 aspects of Korean society.
[1]The first reson is that Korea is appearance – oriented. Because society is appearance-oriented,
Girl Groups’ seek visual beauty more than musicality.
[2]Second reason is sex commercialization.
Sex commercialization is women as the target of men.
Sexual desire, a male-centric way of thinking, is a significant effect.
Therefore commercialization makes women the target of amusement.
[3]also third reason is making issue
Many singers debut in the entertainment industry and later retire.
so they try to use public interest to prolong their lives as a celebrities.
so, one way they choose to do so is through exposure.

The influence on society, revealing Girl Groups’ make juveniles think about sex lightly
But it has a positive effect.
For example, They raise soldiers’ morale.


Discussion Questions

1. Have you ever seen Girl groups’ revealing costumes?
If so, what did you think about it?

2. What do you think about the fact that society is appearance – oriented?

3. What do you think about sex commercialization?

4. What do you think about “wardrobe malfunction”?

5. How can we make wholesome Korean pop music?

[Class number = 93, Group number = 3]
오누리, 이민경, 허성규, 김태일


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  1. Who are the girl groups here?

    Comment by Jar Ma — October 8, 2012 @ 3:17 pm | Reply

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