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November 3, 2011

Global Warming

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Radiation : Radiation consists of very small particles of a radioactive substance. Large amounts of radiation can cause illness and death.
thaw : When ice, snow, or something else that is frozen thaws, it melts.
Desertification : Desertification is the process by which a piece of land becomes dry, empty, and unsuitable for growing trees or crops on.
Asian dust : Dust, sand, and other particulate matter from Mongolia, northern China, and Kazakhstan blown over China, Korea, and Japan in the spring.
Greenhouse effect :The greenhouse effect is the problem caused by increased quantities of gases such as carbon dioxide in the air.
These gases trap the heat from the sun, and cause a gradual rise in the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Nowadays global warming is a hot topic.
Global warming means that air around the world gets warmer because of pollution caused by CO2, CH4 and damage of the O3 layer
These gases are so called ‘greenhouse gases’. Greenhouse gases prevent solar radiation energy from escaping.
Therefore temperature of the Earth is increased. It causes some problems.

First glaciers in the polar regions are melting. Because of the destruction of natural habitats, polar bear turns into an endangered species.

Also, due to thawing of glaciers, the sea level is rising. As a result, some regions like Moldives are sinking.
Second global warming causes desertification or green land changes to desert.
The Sahara and Gobi desert are the examples of that.
Desertification of china harms even other rations like korea by Asian dust storms phenomena.

Therefore there are lots of efforts like kyoto protocol to prevent global warming after people of the world realized, the riskiness of global warming

Discussion questions.

1. Have you ever seen movies about global warming, like 2012 or Tomorrow?

2. What are the solutions to reducing greenhouse gases?

3. Do you believe in global warming? if so, when did you realize that global warming is real?

4. Do you know any kinds of alternative energy? what are they?


group 3
이홍원, 이재용, 이수호, 김태승


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