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November 4, 2011

Digital Divide

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Our presentation is about the Digital Divide. Digital divide is into defined as “The new information technology with the ability to access those that are not parties party deepened the gap between the economic and social phenomenon.” Digital divide is seperated into two parts.
First, the divide between old people and young people. Old people don’t know how to use digital devices. But young people can use digital devices very well, because the young people use digital devices more than old people. This digital divide causes generation divide.

Second, the divide between the nation’s capital and the countryside. Most of the countrysides has fewer computers than the capital. Then the countryside people can’t access digital information.
Therefore, Let’s think about solutions. We think about two solutions.
One is education for uninformed people. For example, we can find free lectures about computer. It teaches how to search, how to us the internet, how to find information about weather, traffic, and so on…
Next, poor people who don’t have computers can receive them from the government. It can be great solution by the government.

 Glossary
– Divide : split up or separate into parts.
– Separate : to take, force or keep apart (from others or each other)
– Access : the right, opportunity or ability to use, approach, meet with or enter something.
– Countryside : rural land situated outside or away from towns
– Generation : the average period between the birth of a person or animal and the birth of their offspring

 Discussion
1. Have you ever felt the digital divide? If so, tell us about your experience.
2. If the digital divide continues, then what problems could arise?
3. What are some other ways to lessen the digital divide?

 Reference

* Class 157,

Group #: 5,

김아영, 소성화, 곽주이, 이혜림


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