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November 4, 2011

Gag Concert”

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Ambiguous – [adjective] having more than one possible meaning
Sympathy – [noun] when you show that you understand and care about someone’s problems
Satire – [noun] when you use jokes humour to criticize people or ideas
Bittersweet – [adjective] containing a mixture of sadness and happiness
Mention – [verb] to briefly speak or write about something or someone

These days, TV program “Gag Concert” has parts that deal with issues.
Thy are “Aejeongnam” and “Mantis preschool”

“Aejeongnam” tells you how to resolve the ambiguous situation.[1]

In the process, People gain sympathy.
In addition, “Aejeongnam” gets big smiles because their solutions favor women.[2]

“Mantis preschool” has social satire.
In the process, people smile and have bittersweet feelings.
They mention the situation that people can’t mention easily by satire comedy.[3]
So people gain sympathy but their comedy is misunderstood by people.
As a result, “Mantis preschool” was a big issue.

It is good point that they portray the other side of adults social reality.
But they have to comply with the broadcasting review regulations to maintain the shows.
Then, they will give laughs to us for long time.


Discussion Questions
1. Have you ever watched an episode of “Aejeongnam” that you sympathized with? Why was it sympathetic?
2. Why is satire comedy becoming popular?
3. Do you have any ideas that you want to send to “Aejeongnam”?

Class # 157 / Group # 4
Group Members : 김혜진, 정진웅, 홍지수, 박상현

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