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November 4, 2011

Inha Univ Backstreets(I.U.B)

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We will present about Inha Univ Backstreets(I.U.B). I.U.B are a complex place for Inha Univ Students because there are many places where we eat, buy things, drink, play, and sleep. Students go to I.U.B to eat, buy things, drink, play, sleep.So those streets are very friendly to Inha Univ Students. Among them, We will introduce about drinking. Among many kinds of drinking, we will introduce Makori.

We will introduce Makori’s pubs. First Auties is a representative Makori pub.

Their major food is jeon. jeon made by auntie are the best side dishes in Auties. They have many kinds of Makori. Among them, Jang-su Makori is the best Makori in Auties’s.

Second, Inhasam-chi is a representative Makori pub too. Inhasam-chi is a good Makori pub, but Makori pub’s most important point, Makori, is not good in Inhasam-chi. But the side dishes are very good. So that place is popular. Among them, sam-chi has the best side dishes. One of many features of that place is that they have fruit Makori. These two Makori’s pubs are representative Makori pubs. So enjoy Makori at that places!

Makori : korean traditional achol drink made by fermented rice.
Auties’s : makori pub’s located Inha univ. backstreets
jeon : korean panfried food. it made by knead made up vegetables and meat.
sam-chi : sam-chi is kind of fish. it is often used to side dish. it used this text as makori pub located inha univ backstreets


* Class 157,

Group #3,


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