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November 4, 2011


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1. Glossary
K-pop : K-pop is a musical genre consisting of electro-pop, hip hop, pop, rock, and R&B music originating in South Korea. In addition to music, K-pop has grown into a popular subculture among teenagers and young adults around the world, resulting in widespread interest in the fashion and style of Korean idol groups and singers. –Wikipedia
Teen idol : A member of a boy band or girl group or a young solo artist (such as IU). In Konglish, “Idol” means “teen idol” –by Professor
One-dimensional : Simple and not considering or showing all the parts of something – used to show disapproval –Longman Dictionary
Repetitive : Done many times in the same way, and boring –Longman Dictionary
Memorable : very good, enjoyable, or unusual, and worth remembering –Longman Dictionary
Addictive : An activity that is addictive is so enjoyable that you do not want to stop. –Longman Dictionary
Aggressive : Very determined to succeed or get what you want.
2. Text
Our presentation is about K-pop. Recently K-pop is a hot issue. K-pop is defined as “Korean-pop music”. The leaders of K-pop are : Wondergirls’ nobody, Girl’s generation’s tell me your wish, gee and etc.[1]

They were famous-by holding concert and playing aggressive strategy.[2]

K-pop has high-quality. K-pop is hot in Asia(Japan, China, Taiwan, Philipine, etc), Europe(France, etc), and America(L.A, etc).[3]

K-pop is just teen idol music. The problem is that K-pop is only teen idol music, so it is one-dimensional. K-pop advertises Korea and exports Korean culture. K-pop has a repetitive but memorable and addictive style. Some K-pop singers don’t sing very well. e.g) Yoona and Hyo-yeon of Girls’ generation and So-hee of the Wonder Girls.[4] Some group will be successful but not all. The group will be ranked top in billboard chart.
3. Discussion question
1) Who is your favorite K-pop singer? -> Why –or why not-?
2) Do you agree that K-pop music is famous in the world? -> Why or why not?
3) If K-pop is famous, why do you think so? -> –Why or– If it isn’t, why not?
4) What do you think K-pop will be like in the future?
5) How can we make K-pop more famous around the world?

4. references

Class#157, Group#1
김덕현, 박근수, 허수성, 이정민


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