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November 4, 2011

web browsers

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1. Glossary
web browser : a computer program that makes it possible for you to read information on the Internet.
security : protection of a person, building, organization or country against threats such as crime or attacks by foreign countries
overwhelmingly : strongly or completely; in an overwhelming way
compatible : able to exist, live together, or work successfully with something or someone else
option : one thing which can be chosen from a set of possibilities, or the freedom to make a choice

2. Text
We will present about web browsers.
The kinds of web browsers are Internet – explorer, Google chrome, Safari and Fire fox etc. [7]
First, Internet – explorer is the most popular in the world[1]. It supports Active X, and is the most popular in Korea overwhelmingly. But It is slower than the others. And It has weak security because it has Active X. [4]

Second, Google chrome has the fastest speed [2], good security and is very simple. But in Korea, it isn’t useful, because most Korean webpages use Active X. For example, banks, game sites, etc. [3]

Third, Safari has good design and is useful in apple’s machine. It’s bad point is that it has low compatibility with non – Apple machines. [5]

Finally, Firefox is the second most popular in the world.[1] It has many options designed by people. But it uses more memory than the others because it has too many options. [6]

3. References
[1] : (웹 브라우저들의 점유율)
[2] : (웹 브라우저들의 속도)
[3] : (구글크롬)
[4] : (인터넷 익스플로어)
[5] : (사파리)
[6] : (파이어폭스)
[7] : (웹 브라우저의 종류)

4. Discussion questions
A. Which web browser would you choose?
B. Korean people overwhelmingly use Internet – explorer. What do you think is the reason?
C. Do you know other web browsers? What are they?

5. Class
Class #61,

* Group #: 3

최승회 12110717, 신익대 12110671


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