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November 7, 2011

Basketball giant Yao Ming retired

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In July 10, 2011, as a result of long-term injuries, Yao Ming made the decision to retire.But, we can from his 9
years of NBA process saw the giant progress and now own achievement.[1]

In the United States on June 26, 2002 ‘s draft, the Houston rockets to smooth out China’s Yao Ming, he also
became the history of the league in the first round of the first foreign player selected.[2]

He has just entered
the NBA, has not been recognized by people, but also by the United States of America TV presenter Ridicule. In 2003 TNT
television every Thursday a” NBA Thursday” program. In this program, as guests of Barkley said, if Yao Ming in the
season every game, scoring over 19 points,He promised in front of the television audience face kiss Kenny Smith’s
ass.Eventually, he kissed a donkey ‘s ass.[3]

Yao Ming had been choosen eight times in NBA all-star squad, and
Played seven times .
In addition,YaoMing also leading the Chinese basketball team out of Asia and to the world. Yao Ming for Chinese
basketball has a very important meaning for.

1.Why face to high-paying job, yao is still to retire?

Yao makes a lot of money.  So, do you think he should retire? Why or why not?

2.Have you seen Yao in the NBA’s every race£¿ Do you like him£¿why or why not£¿

Have you ever seen Yao play?  Do you like him?  Why or why not?

3.Do you know in all star game how many time did Yao consecutive first-episode£¿

How many times has Yao been part of an all-star team?  Do you think he’s one of the greatest basketball players?  Why or why not?

injuries selecte achievement audience Eventually

* Glossary

achievement: (noun) when you succeed in doing something good, usually by working hard

audience: (noun) the people who sit and watch a performance at a theatre, cinema, etc

eventually: (adverb) in the end, especially after a long time

injury: (noun) damage to someone’s body in an accident or attack

select: (verb) to choose someone or something


* Class 125,
Group #8


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