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November 7, 2011

chemical castration

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castration(NOUN) : to remove the testicles of a male animal or human
side effect(NOUN) : an unpleasant effect of a drug that happens in addition to the main effect
periodically(AD) : at regular intervals
inject(VERB) : to use a needle and syringe (= small tube) to put a liquid such as a drug into a person’s body
process(NOUN) : a series of actions that you take in order to achieve a result
We will present about chemical castration.

There are two kind of castration : chemical castration, physical castration
There are four good point of chemical castration.
[1]First, chemical castration is more humane than physical castration.
If a man has been given physical castration his body is injure but chemical castration doesn’t injured the body.
Second, chemical castration is an easy method.
The process of chemical castration is so simple.
injecting medicine or taking medicine are the only processes of chemical castration.
After doing chemical castration, man doesn’t have scars.
Third, chemical castration decrease sexual offenses.
Because chemical castration reduces the threat sex offenders.
There are four bad points of chemical castration.
[2]First, chemical castration has side effects.
Matter of injecting medicine and taking medicine is chemical.
When chemicals enter a human body most chemicals cause side effects.
Because the human body is complex.
Second, chemical castration is expensible are chemicals which are needed for chemical castration expensive.
For example injecting medicine costs 2 hundred thousand won.
Third, chemical castration has to be implemented periodically.
If chemical castration is not implenented periodically, effect of chemical material disappears.
Our group agrees, with chemical castration.
Maybe, chemical castration will make our society bright.
Thank you


Discussion Questions
1. Why is castration needed?

2. If castration is needed, which is more desirable, chemical or physical?

3. Who should be castrated?
How do we decide?

Class # 93
Group #7
김현철, 곽성일, 김강호, 김유환


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