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November 7, 2011

Sites to relax in Incheon

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Site: a piece of ground that is used for a particular purpose or where a particular thing happens.
Imperial country: countries which are imbued with imperialism. Imperialism is a system in
which a rich and powerful country controls other countries, or a desire for
control over other countries.
Open one’s port: to open a country’s port means country ‘opening the port’ agreed to have
trades with another country or other countries. and it also means to be
forced to have trades by other country.
Embassy: a group of government officials, headed by an ambassador, who represent their
government in a foreign country. The building in which they work is also called an
Nationality: you can refer to people who have the same racial origins as a nationality,
especially when they do not have their own independent country.
Relics: something which was made or used a long time ago and which is kept for its historical
Invaluable: if you describe something as invaluable, you mean that it is extremely useful.
Invasion: If there is an invasion of a country, a foreign army enters it by force.
Mudflat: a tract of low muddy land, especially near an estuary, that is covered at high tide and
exposed at low tide
Base: a position or thing that is a base for something is one from which that thing can be
developed or achieved.
Stretch: something that stretches over an area or distance covers or exists in the whole of that
area or distance.
Autumn: the season between summer and winter when the weather becomes cooler and the
leaves fall off the trees.
Chrysanthemum: a large garden flower with many long, thin petals.

At the end of exams, we students try look for a place to relax, and when we look for those kinds of places, they usually go to somewhere far. But why not go to somewhere near you? So we’ll recommend you some sites for you to have good time here in Incheon, where our university is.

[1] First, I will start with a site named Incheon-China town. It isn’t really a place to enjoy your time like an amusement park or a museum; what you will see there is just few old structures, which are special for just standing there for a long- long time; if you are not ready to visit there. But only if you know how to have good time in this type of place, a trip to there could remain a pleasant memory. This special type of place is usually called a historical site. Knowing how China town changed might help you guess how they lived, and that might help you understand a part of Korean history. So I’ll let you know why some special structures stand, instead of just listing old buildings.

China town was first built in Incheon when Korea only agreed to open their port only to China, refusing to trade with western imperial countries. In this china town stands a Chinese School which educates children only in Chinese, some building for merchants to live in, some restaurants for Chinese, and even a Chinese temple, so you can see how they lived in that time.

But after years of war between western imperial countries forcing Korea to open our port, Korea made a mistake and had to open their port to Japan. Since Japan tried to take over Korea from the first time they entered, they tried to get Chinese out of Korea. So lots of changes were made in China town to keep Chinese merchants away. Boundary was made in China town and a Japanese bank was built for Japanese merchants. This boundary is still there with stone pillars standing for its existence- one side with Chinese pillars and the other side with Japanese pillars, with a statue of a great Chinese philosopher in the middle.

Years passed and Korea finally got their rights back from Japan. Chinese were not prohibited from entering Korea anymore, and few more changes were made in China town. Walls were painted with pictures from a famous Chinese noble, History of Three States to show vivid image of Chinese city and few more paintings of images that show their nationality were drawn on real steep stairs which lead to a famous park in Incheon.

Since not many relics are left, it might seem boring. But try to understand why those structures were made. Visiting this place could be an invaluable experience.

[2] Next, I will try to introduce Ganghwa Island. Ganghwa Island is located in Incheon, therefore it is easy to go there by public transportation. And there are a lot of attractions.

The first of those is Mani Mountain which has beautiful scenery and famous historic sites like Chamsungdan.
Second is Chojijin. Chojijin is a fortress to guard people against the enemy.
Third is Goryeo castle. It was built in 1234 for protection against a Monglian invasion.
Finally Ganghwa has mudflat. Mud flat is worthy place. There is valuable base for many living things like crabs, selfish. Thus, I recommend you to go to Ganghwa Island.

[3] There is place to enjoy various sports and to take a rest. It is Munhak stadium.

In Munhak stadium, there is a big soccer field and baseball field.
The soccer field has an area of 95,226m2. The baseball park has an area of 42,117m2.
And there is a sport climbing a wall there, so it may be a new experience.

Having a large park, this place may be the best place where you want to go for a picnic.
Exhibitions in Mun-hak stadium were made to provide you with a greater opportunity to enjoy cultural events.

[4] If you want to have a rest in nature or to ride a bicycle along a stretch of road,
we’d like to recommend Incheon Grand Park to you.

Incheon Grand Park has a wide bike path around the edge of the park.
This is suitable for riding a bike or inline skating.
And it also has a small zoo.
You will see beautiful scenes with many green trees, flowers of four seasons, and blue sky.
And nowadays, you’ll also see colors of autumn.
There are many flowers in Incheon Grand Park.
It has a rose garden, and chrysanthemum show takes place in autumn.

When I went to Incheon Grand Park, there was something special.
It’s a special event in Incheon Grand Park.
People could taste Hwa-Jeons(pan-fried sweet rice cake with flower petals).

Like this, so many special events are always in progress in Incheon Grand Park.
Do you want to see beautiful scenes or make memories with your friends by doing something special?
Welcome to Incheon Grand Park.
It’s not far from you.

Our recommendations are finished. Why don’t you go out with your friends this weekend? So many beautiful places are waiting for you here in Incheon.



Discussion question

1. Chinatown went through few changes since its construction. Why were those changes made in China town?
2. Why was Goryeo castle constructed?
3. In Munhak stadium, there’s a sport by which you can have a new experience. What kind of sport is it?
4. Have you ever been to Incheon Grand Park? If so, what did you do? It not, what do you want to do?
5. Which of the places that we recommended do you want to go to?

Class # 93, Group # 2,
Group members: 임경택, 김재현, 최웅철, 이예슬


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