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November 9, 2011

Topic : Korean Audition Programs

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Our topic is the Trend of Korean Audition Programs
Korean audition programs were inspired by similar foreign programs, such as American Idol, Britain’s Got Talent

When Korean directors saw those programs, They had on idea
The First TV Audition program is Superstar K

After This program was broadcast all over Korea, Other broadcasting stations imitated that program

This program’s feature is that people participate in the program
this program’s good point is free competition and give people a chance to realize their dreams
This program’s weak points are : there are too many programs, too many competitions there is only one winner, participants can be attacked by Internet surfers called “netizens.”
these programs future direction is one in which there will be more winners and fewer losers

Would you like to participate in –theis– this kind of program? Why or Why not?
Wat– What are Audition program’s good points?
Do you like this kind –os– of program? Why or why not?
Are you interested in this program? Why or why not?
Wat– What is the best audition program? why?
Do you know other Audition programs? (not in this text)
Have you read –on– an article about Audition programs? why?

direction : instructions for doing something or for reaching a place
background : the background to an event or situation consists of the facts that explain what caused it.
win-win : win-win is designed th benefit all participants
trend : a trend is a change or development towards something new or different
netizen : a person who regularly uses the internet
feature : a feature of something is an interesting or important part or characteristic of it
announcer : an announcer is someone who introduces programmes on radio or television or who reads the text of a radio or television advertisement


class : 29 team : 6 member : 장호준, 김민규, 최태환, 이은호


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