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November 11, 2011

Delicious Food Restaurant Of Incheon

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#. Text

1. Sinpo Dalgangjeongeun in the Dongincheon

Selling this food restaurant located in the Dongincheon Station Exit 2.
Since the rumored restaurant, you must wait in line.
Dalgangjeongeun is sweet and spicy.
And gives very much.
If you have been in Incheon, just to go.

2. Tteokbokki in the Bupyeong

Restaurant name is ‘Monyu Tteokbokki’.
This restaurant also has a lot of people.
The restaurant is not refined.
But the food is very delicious.
At first taste bitter. However, is increasingly appealing.

3. Steak Pizza in the Guwoldong

Restaurant name is ‘Gallery W 1472’.
The steak pizza is the best food.
The course B includes a something to drink, today soup, braed, original salad, steak pizza and dessert.
I have been go to ‘Gallery W 1472’. pizza is as tasty as they say.
I recommend this restaurant.

#. Words

1. recommend – [VERB] If someone recommends a person or thing to you, they suggest that you would find that person or thing good or useful.
2. refined – [ADJ] If you say that someone is refined, you mean that they are very polite and have good manners and good taste.
3. increasingly – [ADV] You can use increasingly to indicate that a situation or quality is becoming greater in intensity or more common.
4. original – [ADJ] [det ADJ] You use original when referring to something that existed at the beginning of a process or activity, or the characteristics that something had when it began or was made.
5. located – [ADJ] [FORMAL] If something is located in a particular place, it is present or has been built there.

#. Discussion Questions

1. What is your favorite food in the text? Why?
2. In this text, Are there any restaurants you been have been to?
3. In this text, What is the most delicious food you see?
4. In the text of the areas, there are are there areas where you went before?
5. In addition to the text, do you know any delicious restaurants in Incheon?

#. References


*class 93,
Group 9,
Pak Hyae-lim


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