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April 23, 2012


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You will begin preparing presentations today. In my syllabus, I told you that presentations are worth 10% of your mark.

All presentations must have these sections, in this order:

1. Glossary

2. Text

3. References

4. Discussion Questions

5. class #, group #, and group members

Now you will begin preparing your presentations.

Step 1.

Form groups of 3 or 4 students each.

Step 2.

Write down the names of your group’s members.

Step 3.

Choose a presentation date. Each hour will have a maximum of two presentations. If too many groups choose the same time,

then you will settle it with games of “Rock, Scissors, Paper.”

Step 4.

Discuss with your other group members and think of 5 possible topics. Write them down. Do not choose one yet.

Step 5.

Discuss with your other group members and choose one topic. Remember that your presentations should be:

– interesting.

– easy to write about in _English_

– easy to research.

– be good for discussion questions.

Discussion questions are to be about opinions, not facts.

Step 6.

Think of ideas and organize them by using a mind map.

Step 7.

Write your text. As you write, I will walk around the class to all groups. I will give help and corrections. You must write your text in class.

Do not write in Korean and then translate into English. The English will be bad. Write in English.

Do not cut-and-paste from the Internet. (“Copy” = “복사”) You must write it yourselves. Plagiarism (표절) will get you a score of zero/0 on your presentation.

Step 8.

Write three or more good discussion questions.
They should be about opinions, not facts.

Bad –> How many planets are there?

Good –> Would you like to visit another planet? Why or why not?

Step 9.

Choose 5 vocabulary items for your glossary.

Then go to this web-site to find definitions:

Step 10.

Find your references.

Then number your references and put the reference numbers in your text.

Step 11.

Prepare your presentation.

Pictures should be separate from the text (different files).

Pictures should be JPEGs.

Put your presentation on a USB flash drive (memory stick) (Konglish: “USB”).

Step 12.

Upload your presentations.

Here are some examples of model presentations:


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