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May 2, 2012

Korean Traditional Games

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·blunt : Not sharp
·traditional : Following the customs or ways of behaving that have continued in a group of people or society for a long time
·instrument : a tool that is used for doing something
·attach : to join or fix one thing to another
·Lunar : relating to the moon


We will present about Korean Traditional Games.
There are so many games, but we will introduce just 4 games.

First, we will introduce the game, “Playing Yut”. In Korean, “윷놀이”.
As you know, we need some instruments to play this game.
4 sticks, some tokens for each player, and a board.
Now I will tell you how to play and when to play.
First, throw the 4 sticks and check the numbers. 도, 개, 걸, 윷, 모.
You can move your token according to the numbers.
The winner is whoever makes all his tokens return to the starting point!
People usually play this game on “Lunar New Year’s Day” or “Korean thanks giving day”.[1]

Second, we will introduce the game “Kicking Shuttlecock”. In Korean, “제기차기”.
It is such a simple game that you can play it everywhere and anytime.
To play this game, you just need one shuttlecock.
If you have it, throw it up and kick it with only one foot.
Who kicks it the most times will win the game.[2]

A third one is “Top Spinning”. In Korean, “팽이치기”.
For this game, You need a top and a special stick which has an attached rope.
Now I explain the rules.
First, wind up the stick’s rope at the top.
And second, pull the rope strongly.
If the top stands up, strike the top with the rope to continue its spinning.[3]

The last game we will introduce is “throwing arrows”. In Korean, “투호”.
It needs special arrows and a pot. The arrows are not sharp but blunt.
If you ready, stand behind a line and throw the arrows at the pot.
You try to get the arrows inside the pot.
After throwing, count the arrows in the pot.
Who gets the most arrows in his pot wins.[4]

Thank you for listening.





Discussion Questions

1. Have you ever played these four games ?
2. What kinds of games do you want to play ?
3. Do you know any other Korean traditional games ?

Group 2
김 가람 12123095
엄 상훈 12123206
박 상신 12122117


Teacher’s Note:

This vocabulary will be on Written Test #2:

blunt: (adjective) not sharp

attach: (verb) to join or fix one thing to another

lunar: (adjective) relating to the moon

This discussion question will be on the Final Speaking Test:

What kinds of games do you want to play?


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