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May 7, 2012

About Angry Birds

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·stage : a period of development, or a particular time in a process
·split : If something splits or if you split it, it tears so that there is a long, thin hole in it
·jet : an aircraft that flies very fast
·boomerang : a curved piece of wood that comes back to you when you throw it
·gravity : the force that makes objects fall to the ground or that pulls objects towards a planet or other body


‘Angry Birds’ is famous game
The game was made by a company, called ROVIO in 2009.
This game changed the way people think about how they spend their free time.
Nowdays, people don’t think of cell-phone games as a waste of time.
Many people have been crazy about this game since the first time they played it.
The characters are so cute and people want to earn 3 stars at each stage.
In the story of ‘Angry Birds’ the bad pigs stole the birds’ eggs.
So, the furious birds decided to punish the pigs.
In ‘Angry Birds’, there are lots of kinds of birds.
And actually these birds are all real birds!

In the first stage, we can see a red bird.
It’s motivated from ‘cardinal’.
This red bird has no special abilities.
The red bird just flies and hits something. And then dies.
It’s destructive power is weak.

There is a blue bird.
It’s motivated from ‘blue rock thrush.’
Blue birds can split into 3 birds.
The Blue bird is effective at breaking glass.
But it’s destructive power is so weak against stone or wood.

The yellow bird can be a jet.
It’s motivated from ‘canary.’
It can fly so fast and far like a jet.
This yellow bird is effective against wooden blocks.
It’s destructive power is strong when it is a jet.

And there is a green bird.
It’s motivated from ‘toucan.’
This bird’s ability is to be a boomerang.
It can fly back.
It’s destructive power is normal.

And there is a black bird.
It’s motivated from ‘carrion crow.’
This bird is like a bomb.
When is falls, it explodes like a bomb.
It’s destructive power is so strong against all substances, even stones.

There is a white bird.
It’s motivated from ‘chicken.’
This bird can lay eggs when it flies.
The laid egg is like a bomb.
This egg is same as the black bird.
The egg’s destructive power is strong.
The white bird after it lays on egg, can fly higher, like a red bird.
Against there birds’ abilities, Pigs upgrade their defensive power.
For instance, Pigs be bigger and wear helmets.
And be a king pig, which have large defensive power.

And the upper stages have harder obstacles, like lots of barricades.

“Angry Birds” has become a franchise, with spin off games like “Angry Birds seasons,” “Angry Birds Rio,” and “Angry Birds Space,”.
“Angry Birds Rio” was made to promote the animated film “Rio”.
“Angry Birds Space,” the latest in the series, took first place in the App store’s “Top Grossing” list.
It features an innovative non gravity system.

As this game’s goal, we have to punish all pigs even though they upgraded their defensive power.
Let’s punish all pigs with our angry birds!



Discussion Questions

1. What’s your favorite bird in the game?
2. Which is your favorite version of the game?
3. Why is “Angry Birds” so popular even though similar games exist?

* Class 90,

Group # 2,
김인서 12121832
정재욱 12121891
박미리 12121933


Teacher’s Note:

This vocabulary will be on Written Test #2:

1. stage: (noun) a period of development, or a particular time in a process

2. boomerang: (noun) a curved piece of wood that comes back to you when you throw it

3. split: (verb) to divide into smaller parts or groups, or to divide something into smaller parts or groups

This discussion question will be on the Final Speaking Test:

Why do you thinkAngry Birds” is so popular even though similar games exist?


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