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May 7, 2012

Date Place Recommendations

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first of all : before anything else
share : to divide food, money, goods, etc. and give part of it to someone else
comfortably : in a comfortable way
especially : very much; particularly; for a particular reason
realize : to understand a situation, sometimes suddenly

amateur : taking part in an activity for pleasure, not as a job
performance : how well a person, machine, etc. does a piece of work or an activity
unrefined : in a natural state and not processed; not refined
atmosphere : the mixture of gases around the Earth, the air that you breathe in a place

satisfaction: a pleasant feeling which you get when you receive something you wanted, or when you have done something you wanted to do
surrounding: to be everywhere around something

1. Particularly : especially, or more than usual
2. sequence: a series of related things or events, or the order in which they follow each other

Now I will recommend date places for new couples. first of all, new couples must not go outside. because the women’s make-up will run, and for women walking in high heels is too hard. So, the best date places for new couples are musicals, theaters, and cafe. These place make men and women share their same hobbies and comfortably sit. especially men and women can speak in a calm tone and get to know each other better.

IF couples don’t have enough money, There are lots of place to 해 on a date.
FIRST, 여의도 park gives satisfaction to couples
couples borrow bicycles and in-line skates.
When they ride bicycles and in-line skates,
they don’t have to pay uncomfortably high lending fees.
and 여의도 park’s surrounding 한강(HANGANG) is also a good date place to walk and talk.
SECOND, ancient palaces(고궁) are valuable places to date.
ancient palaces have characteristic elegance of KOREA .
For example DOEKSUGUNG (덕수궁) have lots of sight.
and DOEKSUGUNG’S DOLdam-gil is famous date course.
dignity and quiet atmosphere makes couple feel romantic.
THIRD, SEOUL MUSEUM OF ART(서울시립미술관) is cheap and intellectual date place.
couples appreciate work of art. and they can raise their appreciate art skill.

12103968 layla
Third, for couples who want to go outside for more than one night, We recommend JIFF, JeonJu International Film Festival.[1] JIFF has surprising events at roadways by professional or amateur bands and singers. So even couples need not to buy any performance tickets. [2]Just find performances and stand there and listen.
And Jeonju is a famous city for delicious food for hundreds of years. Thus there are lots of famous, tasty restaurants. I went to restaurants that serves gukbap, boiled rice served in soup and naengmyeon, cold noodles and unrefined rice wine.
and also Jeonju traditional Korean village. I took pictures of these places and all of these places have a good atmosphere for couples.

12122594 Angela
Fourth for couples who don’t have lot a time, we recommend places around INHA University, Such as 인경호 and 궁합나무 and 해오름동산, 인하대후문, 하이데거숲.
First of all, there is 인경호 in INHA University. Particularly, when cherry blossoms bloom, it is good place that date, sitting on the bench in 인경호. And there is 궁합나무. 궁합나무’s two benches are like chairs, there is a rumor that when boys and girls sit under that tree, that couple will be not break up.
The place is great while we go around the school. In addition, there is 해오름동산 behind the college of education, it is good place where we chat and take a break.
Because there is bench, we can rest quietly. Also, couple are likely to eat something and drink coffee together, because it is exist behind the our school.
And there is 하이데거숲 on the road to front gate. We can date between the trees, since benchs are arranged in sequence. Also, we can eat lunch from boxes, sitting on the benches with table.




Discussion Questions:
1. Have you ever gone to these places?
2. where have you gone for dates?
3. What are the differences between new couples and old couples?

-discussion questions
When couples ride bike what is good point and bad point?

-discussion questions
1. Do you know any other places where can watch movies and join a performance and eat unique foods better than JIFF?
2.(a) Would you want to visit JIFF?
(b)If not, Why do you not want to go?

-discussion questions
Have you ever gone to 궁합나무? If you have, have you ever sat there?

* Class 90,
Group # 1


Teacher’s Note:

This vocabulary will be on Written Test #2:

1. atmosphere: (noun) the feeling which exists in a place or situation [e.g. “This restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere.”]

2. surroundings: (noun) the place where someone or something is and the things that are in it [e.g. “Do you like your new surroundings?”]

3. realize: (verb) to understand a situation, sometimes suddenly

This discussion question will be on the Final Speaking Test:

Where would you like to go for a date?


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