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May 7, 2012

Korean animation

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*potential : [NOUN][also N in pl] If you say that someone or something has potential, you mean that they have the necessary abilities or qualities to become successful or useful in the future.
*unique : [ADJ] Something that is unique is the only one of its kind.
*rude : [ADJ][oft ADJ to/about n] When people are rude, they act in an impolite way towards other people or say impolite things about them.
*commemorate : [VERB] To commemorate an important event or person means to remember them by means of a special action, ceremony, or specially created object.
*robust : [ADJ] Someone or something that is robust is very strong or healthy.

we will present about korean animation characters.
there are many characters. such as pororo and dooly.

first, the most famous character is pororo.

pororo is a cute and curious baby penguin.
he always wears goggles because he wants to be a pilot.
he tries to do everything that he wants.
hi friends are 패티,포비,루피,크롱 and 에디.
why is he very popular with children?
a character designer said that pororo represents children’s wants, so children are satisfied through pororo.
his effects are incredible.
his economic value is about 5 billion won and potential value is about 3 billion won.[1]

second, another famous korean character is dooly.

he is a rude but cute baby dinosour he is trying to find his mother whit his unique friends who 고희동,도치,도우너,고길동and마이콜.
how was he created? dooly’s imageis rude if a person is rude, people feel discomfort, so the person was replaced by a dinosour.
dooly was born in 1983, and has gained popularity steadily april 2004 commemorated the 20th anniversary of the birth of dooly at bucheon and was recogrized as an honorary citizen.
animation ‘little dinosours dooly’ have korea feeling that the affection between parent and child asle. [2]

and other animation 홍길동, 장금이.

홍길동 was Korea’s first animation character, in 1967.
he belives in justice and is very strong.
he doesn’t call him “Dad” because he was a child from a second wife. so he tries to reform The social norms

장금이 is cooking animation character. 장금이 not normal dishes, Royal dishes.
she is kind and robust. she is a real person in the Josen Dynasty
At that time she overcames hard situations [4]

Discussion Questions
1.Who is your favorite characters from amongst?
2.Do you like Dooly’s personality?
3.Why did pororo gain a lot of popularitiy?


* Class # 90,
Group # 5


Teacher’s Note:

This vocabulary will be on Written Test #2:

potential: (noun) the necessary abilities or qualities to become successful or useful in the future

commemorate: (verb) to remember an important event or person by means of a special action, ceremony, or specially created object

robust: (adjective) very strong or healthy

This discussion question will be on the Final Speaking Test:

Who is your favorite Korean animated character?


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