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May 7, 2012

Ladygate Syndrome

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our presentation is about the “ladygate syndrome”

these days, some people are attacked online by many people because of their rude behavior.
examples of this are “dog dung-lady, subway rampage-man, line 4 rampage-lady” etc.

in many case, the rude people go on the rampage real,
but some case turned out that although the rude people actually did not rude behavior, they are attacked by many people because of some people’s misunderstanding.

in addition, some people hacked the rude people’s personal information,
the rude people and their family are suffered.

we study why this social phenomenon occurred, and discuss how we solve that.

case 1. dog dung-lady
in 2005, one lady getting off subway without removing her dog’s dung. this are captured by cell phone camera, spreaded online quickly.
the lady attacked by many people, some people revealed her personal information.
so, the lady and her family were suffered.
some people criticized this “which-hunts”, and there’s also a strong voice about forgiving her behavior.

case 2. bus driver kneel to lady
in 2012, one lady claim apologize about delaying reserve-bus(the bus that she took on is broken), and bus driver kneel to lady. and this captured by cell phone camera.
many people attacked her because she disregard old people.
but, it turned out that the woman actually did not rude behavior.

why this social phenomenon has occurred?

korean culture
many koreans think that they protect weak person in any way, and they must keep their etiquette.
but unlike western or japanese, korean attack someone who break etiquette because of realization “justice”
so, relatively strong person bulling weak person or, someone break or ignore etiquette, they attacked by many people

anonymity in online
many koreans have a think of “realization of justice”, but they do not always take action. In fact, they are usually “bystander”
but, internet promise anonymity, so people don’t need to fear about “be identified”
so, people attacked the rude people as their likes.

Social Network Service – SNS
In early of information age, one issue spread rapidly in online, but the speed is relatively low. but, appearance of SNS, the speed is rapidly increased.
so, the time that the issue spread in online is very shortened, and the ripple effect is stronger than before.

korean social phenomenon – inequality in society
many koreans think that they receive unfair treatment, so they attack “the rude people” because they feel “realization justice”.
in short, they attack the rude people because of getting vicarious satisfaction.
but the rude people suffer because of “this attack”, thus this is unfair.
so, we call this attack “the wrong justice”

discuss how we solve that
1. have you heard about “the oo woman syndrome?” what think about it?
2. did you participate these “witch-hunts”? what was your view?
3. recently, some people claimed the social network service should be ruled by law. do you agree?
4. do you agree that the rude people are forgiven in their behavior as time passed?”


Teacher’s Note:

This vocabulary will be on Written Test #2:

1. syndrome: (noun) a combination of physical problems that often go together in a particular illness

2. rampage: (verb) to run around or through an area, making a lot of noise and causing damage

3. witch-hunt: (noun) when a group of people try to blame someone and punish them for something, in a way that is unfair

This discussion question will be on the Final Speaking Test:

Recently, some people feel that social networking services should be regulated by laws. Do you agree?


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