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May 7, 2012

Rock Festivals

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1. venue : place used for a concert of musical performance
2. prevalent : common at a particular time, in a particular place, or among a particular group of people
3. delinquent : behaving in a way that is illegal or that society does not approve of
4. defiant : cleary refusing to do what someone tells you to do
5. intensity : the quality of being felt very strongly or having a strong effect


Do you know ‘Rock festivals’? Currently the rock festivals having held nationally for rock music mania. In rock festivals, unlike a certain band’s concert, you can enjoy a variety of band’s performance. First rock festivals is woodstock rock festival in New York in 1969. Its motto was love,peace,antiwar.[1] In Korea, the first rock festivals is Tryport rock festival in Incheon in 1999. But tryport rock festiovals was stopped by heavy rain. After that, Various rock festivals have held in Korea.

Pentaport and Jisan rock festivals are the most popular rock festivals in korea. At first, Pentaport rock festival had two sponsors. But one of the sponsors left to start the jisan rock festival. First, pentaport rock festival and jisan rock festival were held on the same day, so people were confused by this. But now, they will be held on different dates.[2] Anyway, Their general structure and characteristics are similar to each other. Domestic and foreign famous musicians perform in large concert halls and new musicians and indie musicians perform in small venues. They introduce three times the musicians who participate in promotions. Rock festival are held for a total of three days each year. Audiences have more than 50,000. In addition, the Pusan international rock festival, Bird rock festival, mint rock festival, and many rock festival are being held in Korea.
In rock festivals, rock music is mainly performed. Typical rock music is heavy metal, punk rock, and modern rock. Heavy metal was prevalent from the early 1970s to the 1980s. And characteristic in heavy metal is violent sound and performance and unique and violent makeup. Classic artists in heavy metal are ‘Led Zepplin’ and ‘Deep purple’ in London. And ‘Metalica’ is a famous heavy metal band these days. Also in Korea, ‘Schizo’, ‘Sinawe’ are famous.
Punk rock originated in London and New york in the late 1970s. The word ‘punk’ means a delinquent boy and little kids. So punk rock is wild and defiant rock music.

Typical artists in punk rock are ‘Simple Plan’, and ‘Sum41’ in canada. And typical artists in punk rock bands are ‘Linkin Park’, ‘Offspring’, ‘ and ‘Greenday’. Also in korea, ‘Nobrain’, ‘Crying Nut’ are famous. To tell the truth, The boundaries between ‘Heavy metal’, and ‘Punk rock’ are not clear nowadays. Rock band does not come to the festival only.[3]
Jazz originated on America in the late 19th century and the early 20th century. It is popular music that mixed black music and classical music. Louis armstrong and Eric Benet are extrordinary jazz artists. And in korea, Ko Sang-Ji, Park Ju-Won are famous.[4]
Folk music includes both traditional music and the genre that evolved from it during the 20th century folk revival. Typical artists of folk music who participated in rock festivals are 10cm, 뜨거운감자, 소규모아카시아밴드, 장재인 and so on.
Modern rock is the format consist primarily of the alternative rock genre the phrase “modern rock” is used to differentiate the music from classic rock. Typical artists of Modern rock who participated in rock festivals are Jason mraz, Maroon5, 검정치마, 델리스파이스 and so on.[5]
Hip-hop is a form of musical e-pression and artistic subculture that originated in African-American and Hispanic-American communities during the 1970s in NewYork city. Typical artists of Hip-hop who participated in rock festivals are B.O.B. , Drunken Tiger, T, Garion, GD&TOP and so on.
Let’s look at how to enjoy rock festivals. The first one is watching the concert or performance. When viewing the show, People who like rock music get crazy. When enjoying festivals, they don’t care about anything. Commonly This is expressed ‘being crazy’. Also, they do ‘moshing’ or ‘slam’. ‘Moshing’ is an action that give people great joy from its intensity. Striking the next person, running around concert-hall and etc can be applied to ‘moshing’. The word ‘Slam’ is used along with ‘moshing’.[6]

The second one is camping. Rock festivals are held for three days. For that reason, Some audience members may also camp. In that place people eat, sleep, and wash. And besides watching concert, people can enjoy all sorts of events and games. In addition to music concert, there are a variety of festive entertainment. Also, there is a lot of food and beer. So they can eat and drink as often as they want. Of course, If they have money. People can enjoy, eat and go crazy through rock festivals. Going to rock festival could be a great experience. If you like rock music, or want to see live performances, Go to rock festivals! You will never regret.


Discussion Quetions
1. There are many genres in rock. What kinds of rock do you like? Why?
2. What are the differences between ‘Rock festivals’ and typical music concerts?
3. What do you think about customs in rock festivals like ‘Moshing’ or ‘Slam’?

class 121, group 5
12092186 김재훈
12112114 고은정
12114013 이재혁
12124097 김초롱


Teacher’s Note:

This vocabulary will be on Written Test #2:

1. venue: (noun) place used for a concert of musical performance

2. delinquent: (adjective) behaving in a way that is illegal or that society does not approve of

3. defiant: (adjective) clearly refusing to do what someone tells you to do

This discussion question will be on the Final Speaking Test:

What are the differences between rock festivals and typical music concerts?


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