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May 9, 2012

Korean Baseball

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Throwing the first ball of history.

‘throwing the first ball’ is very common in baseball culture. Actually in USA and Japan, also it is done. Anyway I talk about ‘throwing the first ball’ of Korea.
In korea, ‘throwing the first ball’ accured in 1982. Opening the first pro-baseball league, Do-hwan Jean did that. Since that, many political offenders threw the first ball like convention, including many minister of many bureaus.
As people avoided political offender (also, current), star performer (first, kang, su yeon) appear in baseball stadium. In the beginning, only they gave happy show to spectator. But one star performer threw the first ball with a perfect body form. it was very shocking. Because until then, many star performers usually managed her image that she is lady. So she had been snaky. But The star performer gave up the image and it is very popular star. After then, many stars practiced form with which she will throw the first ball.
But The way of throwing the first ball is very unpleasant because of feeling entertainment marketing. So in near future, Throwing the first ball will be formality that every person enjoys throwing the ball. Maybe it will be good.
In korea, Throwing the first ball has changes and will continue to change. What do you think about formality of throwing the first ball? 1)

The Rival Pitcher in baseball- Ryu Hyun jin vs Yoon suk min

I researched about Rival Pitchers in Korea Baseball. People evaluate Ryu Hyun jin and Yoon suk min as rivals.
First, Ryu Hyun jin was born in 1987.3.25 in Incheon. He belongs to Hanwhae-eagles as pitcher. He debuted in 2006. This year, he won these prizes: three pitcher awards, Rookie of the Year award, and the grand prize of the Year player. 2) He has been estimated to be the best Pitcher in KBO. He can pitch at a speed at 154km. He pitches the best circle change-up ball in Korea. He usually throws a fast ball, a slider, and then circle change-up ball as decisive attack. He earned four hundred and thirty million won this year. 3)
Second, Yoon suk min was born in 1986.7.24 in Cumi. He belongs to KIA-tigers as Pitcher. He debuted in 2005. This year, He didn’t satisfy people’s expectations. But In 2011, he won these prizes: four pitcher awards, the best average earned run award, the strike-out champion, the most win of the Year player, the best winning rate of the Year, and then he get a award MVP this year. He can pitch at a speed at 152km. He throws a fast ball, a fast slider. 4)
Showings a threatening attitude which a continuous double figures earned run, Yoon suk min is estimated as Ryu Hyun jin’ only rival. But people don’t think like this about them this season because Ryu Hyun jin is winning at present. 5)

What teams occupy the top and bottom positions in the Korean pro-baceball league?

I surveyed teams at the top and bottom of the Korean pro baseball league.
The Sk Wyverns and Lotte Giants are the front – runner.
Hanhwa Eagles. Lg Twins, and Kia Tigers are currently at the bottom of the league.
Especially, the Hanwha Eagles are in last place, because the main players of the Hanhwa Eagles are in a slump.
Another last place team is the Kia Tigers, because the Batting Average of the team is in last place and the Earned Run Average of the team is in last place.
The higher the Earned Run Average figure, the worse the Earned Run Average is.
The Lotte Giants are a strong front – runner.5)
Because Lee Dae Ho, who is ‘the Big Bertha’ of the Lotte Giants, was transferred from the Lotte Giants to the Orix Buffaloes in the Japan league.
By the way lineup of the Lotte Giants is still strong.
By reason of the former front – runner candidate is Lotte Giants.

Baseball cheer culture

In korean baseball, there are a lot of ways to cheer.
For example, cheer leading, cheering song
First, each baseball team has a unique cheering song.
Each cheering song reflects each baseball is character. for example Lotte Giant, one of nine teams whose hometown is Busan so Lotte Giant fans sing “Busan Gull” to cheer. in addition some baseball players have the their own cheering song.
When the player participates in the game, fans sing player’s cheering song. 6)
Second, in the baseball park, cheerleader exist
Cheerleaders make up the captain of cheerleading squad and cheerleading girls.
The captain of the cheerleading squad leads the cheerleading girls and cheerleading girls dance for cheer teams or lead the audiene to cheer. the fans follow the cheerleaders to cheer. 7)


1) (noun) bureau : A government department
2) (adjective) snaky : Of the supposed nature of a snake in showing coldness, venom, or cunning
3) (noun) MVP : Most valuable player (an award given in various sports to the best player on a team or in a league)
4) (noun) squad : A squad is a group of players from which a sports team will be chosen.
5) (verb) reflect : If something reflects an attitude or situation, it shows that the attitude or situation exists or it shows what it is like

* Class # 59,
Group # 2


Discussion Questions

Have you ever been to a baseball game?

Do you prefer to watch baseball on television or live in a stadium?

Do you like baseball? Why or why not?

Which baseball team do you think will win the Korean championships?

Which baseball players do you think are interesting?


Teacher’s Note:

This vocabulary will be on Written Test #2:

1. bureau: (noun) a government department

2. squad: (noun) a group of players from which a sports team will be chosen

3. reflect: (noun) to show that an attitude or situation exists, or to show what it is like

This discussion question will be on the Final Speaking Test:

Do you like baseball? Why or why not?


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