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May 10, 2012

Recently-released movies

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Movies are something that many people enjoy. we divded the kind of
movies, old movies and recently released movies. there are so many movies, but
we will introduce 4 recently released movies.

First, we will introduce the movie, “Korea”.
“Korea” deals with team table tennis match. In the movie, there are two main character.
South korean 현정화 is played by 하지원. And north korean 리분희 is played by 배두나.
The synopsis is as follows : In 1991, 현정화 was best table tennis star.
Because of the Chinese, she always won the silver medal.One day, 현정화 and 라분희 make a with
team named ‘Korea’. Their different practice methods, life style, and way of talking
each other create a many conflicts. Is this team going to nice? [1]

Second, let me introduce the simple story of “the avengers”
Loki is coming to conquer the earth
Nick Fury collect heroes one by one to make a team called the “Avengers”
Black Widow-assassin for male audience, Hulk-center of power, Captain America-old but strong,
Iron Man – “Gan ji” in korean language, Thor, Hawkeye.
because of distrust, The team doesn’t work well together.
but the team re-assemble. Triggered by the death of a man. the “avengers” win the war.
the plot is very simple. and story is a little important for me. but action scenes are very important.
Even though all of the heros get a share of attention, I was a fan of the Hulk.
I and many audience members fell in love thrilling charm of hulk. you can know why many people like the hulk.
when you see the final action scenes of this movie.
you don’t need to see any heroes movies to view this movie.
if you have a simple knowledge of which kind of power heros have. [2]

Third movie is ‘건축학개론‘
This movie genre is romance & comedy.
The movie begins with the when 승민 and 서연 are in their 30s.
The movie is about their experiences in their 20s and 30s.
The overall plot of this film is young people first love.

This movie Original Sound Track is ‘ 전람회‘s 기억의습작 ’
That music has an important role in the film.
Because I was not impressed, I would recommend this movie for people
who have spare time and money. Then we’ll introduce the next movie. [3]

Finally, In Untouchable, Rich man is quadriplegic. (Rich man is Philppe) he needed servant. so He recruits person.
Someone who poor volunteers this recruting. (Someone is Driss). but, He is not really looking to get the job.
At first, Philppe proposed bet. While 2 weeks, Philip’s hands and feet care every time, everywhere without falling
DrIss agreed this bet. Philppe hired him. They lived together. [4]
Francois Cluzet(Philippe) born at 21.9.1955. After leaving high school at the age of 18
he attended acting lessons at Cours Simon. Grew up in Paris, where his father was a merchant.
Omar Sy(driss) born at 1.20.1978. he best known for Untouchable. and became the second highest grossing
French film of all time in the French box office.[5]


*Synopsis: a summary of a longer piece of writing or work
*plot : (novel and movie and play) composition
*quadriplegic: someone who is permanently unable to move any part of their body below their neck
*release: to make a CD, video, film etc available for people to buy or see
*gross: to gain an amount as a total profit, or earn it as a total amount, before tax has been taken away

Discussion Questions:
1. What do you want to see this 4 movies?
2. Have you ever loved someone from afar?
3. IF you were a member of the Avengers members, Who would you want to be?

* Class 28
group3:민운중, 정문혁, 김주찬, 김완섭


Teacher’s Note:

This vocabulary will be on Written Test #2:

1. synopsis: (noun) a short description of a book, film, etc.

2. plot: (noun) the things that happen in a story [e.g. “I don’t like movies with complicated plots.”]

3. quadriplegic: (noun) someone who is permanently unable to move any part of their body below their neck

This discussion question will be on the Final Speaking Test:

If you were a member of the Avengers, who would you want to be?


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