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November 7, 2012

Top 3 Korean Entertainment agencies

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1. Glossary
Emphasize : to show that something is especially important or needs special attention
Choreography : The process of designing dances for a performance
Limelight : attention from the public
Charming : pleasant or attractive
Influential :Having a lot of influence

2. Text
Our presentation is about Top 3 Korean Entertainment agencies. Have you heard about ‘K-POP’? It is a famous audition program that helps people realize their dreams to become singers. But this program is different from others in that the judgers are CEOs of the top 3 korean entertainment agencies. They are SM,JYP and YG.. Why is this program so popular? Because judgers are the CEOs of influential entertainment agencies in korea.
Now, we are going to introduce the 3 entertainment agencies.

First, I am going to present about SM entertainment, who is sm’s CEO? Lee soo-man he is always called ‘father’ by artists. There are many artists in SM : Singers, MCs and actors . Famous singers, such as Girls generation, TVXQ, SHINEE, Super Junior, and F(X). Famous actors, such as Jang Dong-Keon, Kim Ha- Neul. Famous MCs. They are Shin Dong – Yeob, Kang Ho – Dong. Speak of SM’s style, they emphasize a charming look. One of SM’s characters is that they casted many famous”idols”.

Second, I’m going to present about JYP entertainment JYP are the initials of Jin-Young Park, who is the CEO. There are many artists in JYP : Wonder Girls , 2PM, Miss A.
Big Hit, Iloen and J-tune are its connected entertainment agencies.
Because most of the songs and choreography are produced by Park , JYP has a producer-centered style.

Finally, I’m going to present about YG entertainment, YG are the initials of Yang Goon, which is Yang Hyun-Seok’s nickname. The company manages big names in Korean pop such as the boy band Big Bang, and Girl group 2NE1. And YG has been in the limelight lately because of the singer PSY. His horse-riding dance in the video for his hit single Gangnam Style has taken the world by storm
There are also many famous actresses in YG, such as Koo Hye-Seon, Yoo In-Na and Kang Hye-Jeong, Opposite to SM, YG do not emphasize appearance very much, But Every artist of YG is characteristic and has a free spirited attitude. Besides music, YG gets great popularity from the youth because YG is also successful in fashion business.

3. References

4. Discussion Qusestion?
(1) Who is your favorite singer? / group?
(2) If you were an artist, which company would you prefer?
(3) What’s your opinion about Top 3 Korean Entertainment agencies? (Advantage and Weakness)

5 . Class number
Class 117, group 4. group members are 김지우, 이정호, 이몽원 and 임진현


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  1. i think yg entertainment is best

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