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November 12, 2012


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golden glove : The Rawlings Gold Glove Award, usually referred to as the Gold Glove, is the award given annually to the Major League Baseball players judged to have exhibited superior individual fielding performances at each fielding position in both the National League (NL) and the American League (AL), as voted by the managers and coaches in each league.
MVP : abbreviation for most valuable player (= an award given to a player in sports who is judged most important to the sport, team, or game), or the player who receives the award
play off : to play a game, in a team sport, to decide which side will win
slugger : a baseball player who hits the ball very hard
home run : a point scored in baseball by hitting the ball so far that you have time to run all the way round the four corners of the playing field before it is returned

(1)the origins of baseball Not sure that the origins of baseball. Therefore, the origin of baseball is divided into two hypotheses. British origins in: Henry Chadwick says that claims the British origins, the origins of baseball flourished in Britain is called “Cricket” and “rounders” game. U.S. multiregional theory: According to Mills, the United States claims that the origins of the New York baseball in Cooperstown. Baseball in Korea in 1905 by an American missionary to Mr. Gillette was first introduced. South Korea’s first baseball game is said to be carried out in the garden Do February 11, 1906.

(2)There are many Baseball rules, so we will introduce some rules. First, For 9 innings, the two teams take turns being either at bat or on the field. The teams switch between batting and fielding whenever the fielding team records three outs. The defending team have 9 players, pitcher, catcher, first baseman, second baseman, third baseman, short stop, right fielder, center fielder, left fielde. The offensive team have only one players , batter. Second, there are 4 positions : pitcher, catcher, fielders, and batters, pithcers throw the ball tn the catchers, then batters try to hit the ball. when batters hit the ball, fielders try to catch the ball. Third, When a batter hit the ball, if fielders don’t catch the ball,
and the batter gets to base we call it hit. There are 4 kinds of hit, base hit, two-base hit, three-base hit and four-base hit. we call four-base hit Homerun.[3],[4]

(3) There are 8 korean baseball teams ; Samsung Lions, SK Wyverns, Doosan Bears, Lotte Giants, Kia Tigers, Nexen Heroes, LG twins, Hanwha Eagles and next year, a new team NC Dinos will be joinning Group 1. Each teams have history, legend player. hometown, home stadium, mascot. Now, I will introduce each team’s information.
(4) Lastly, I will present about Korean pro baseball’s season. In a regular season, there are 133 matches. Each team plays 19 games. After the regular season ands, the Postseason starts The top 4 teams. play un the postseason The Postseason has 3 states. First, in the semiplay off, the #3 and #4 teams play 5 games. After the semiplay off, the winner goes into the playoffs and plays against the #2 team for 5 games. Lastly, the playoff winner goes into the Korean series, and plays against the #1 team for 7 games. In this game, The winner become real #1.


4.Discussion Question?
(1) Have you ever played baseball?
(2) Do you know any of baseball’s unique rules?
(3) What’s your favorite team?
(4) Who’s your favorite player?
(5) Do you have any special memories about baseball?

5.Class number
Class 87, group 2. group members are 강인곤, 구본향, 배성우 and 손경락


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