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November 12, 2012

Interesting Apps

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1. Glossary
(1) apps : a small computer program that you can download onto a mobile phone.
(2) social commerce : the activities involved in buying and selling things in SNS.
(3) utility : The software that help for using the phone.
(4) OS(Operation System) : a special program that controls the way a computer system works.
(5) GPS(Global Positioning System) : a system that can show the exact position of a person or thing by using signals from satellites.

2. Interesting Apps
These days, lots of people use Apps. Some people use them to be able to work easily and tourists can find some places quickly with ‘apps’. Student use them to learn some expressions[1].

There are many categories of apps. these include ‘traffic’ ‘culture’ ‘food’ ‘education’ ‘utility’ ‘scheduler’ ‘messenger’ and ‘social commerce'[2].

There are negative effects when you are using Apps. Too much depending on using Apps can make you embrassed when you lost your phone[3]. However, Using Apps makes our lives more convenient and saves time when looking for something. For example, With messenger Apps like ‘Kakao talk’, We can communicate with other people online by sending SMS[4].

We can learn difficult expressions. Translate foreign languages and find meanings of words by using Translator Apps, ‘Genie talk’[5]. Couple D-day Apps is helpful to know the date of your anniversary[6]. Seoul-Bus Apps with GPS provides us with many bus time tables and pathways[7].
3. Reference
4. Discussion Questions
(1) Have you ever used Apps?
(2) If you have, What kind of Apps do you often use?
(3) Have you ever had any problems with using Apps?
(4) If you have used a good App, What is it?

5. Class#117, Group#2
12071892 김민석
12102458 김민우
12101984 이형주


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