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November 12, 2012

Japanese Food

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1. Glossary

① vinegar : (noun) a sharp-tasting liquid, made especially from sour wine, malt or cider, which is used to add flavour to or to preserve food
② broth : (noun) a thin soup, often with vegetables or rice in it
③ seasoning : (noun) a substance that is added to savoury food to improve its flavour
④ garnish : (verb) to decorate food with a small amount of different food
⑤ ingredient : (noun) a food that is used with other foods in the preparation of a particular dish

2. Text
our presentation is about japanese foods. these are famous food all over the world. Besides these have many types.
For example, there are sushi, ramen, dup bab and woodong.

First, sushi is the most popular food in Japan. Also, this is popular world wide. Sushi is made of rice with vinegar, fish, egg, vegetables, etc. there are many kinds of sushi. For example, Sa ke is made with samon, and Sa ba is made with macrerel. But because there are so many kinds, we can not count. [1]

Second, there are many types of Japanese ramen. Japanese ramen is divided according to broth or sea soning. For example, Mi so ramen is made with bean paste and So yu ramen is made with soy sauce. But, there are many more kinds of ramen by region. [2]

Third, dupbab is popular japanese food that is famous in korea. Dupbab is rice with various food on top. dupbab is divided according to ingredients
For example Oyako dupbab is made with chicken and egg on the rice, Gacheu dupbab is made with breaded meat cutlet

japanese dupbab is unlike korean dupbab. koreand dupbab mixes rice and ingredients but japanese dupbab does not mix the rice and ingredients [3]

Forth, woodong are thick noddles that are made of wheat. woodong is the food that symbolizes health in Japan. the fact proves that woodong are popular foods. woodong are made with boiled noodles in broth and garnish. The type of woodng depends on the type of garnish. For example, Ka ke is the most basic woodong. It`s made with fried batter and scallions. Gamadamago is made of noodles laid on an egg. Sarada is like salad. We eat that with vegetables. Because woodong is popular in Japan, many types have been developed recently. [4]

3. References


4.iscussion Question
① Do you know any kinds of food?
② If you go to Japan, what kind of food do you want to eat the most?
③ How did Japanese food become a popular global food?
④ Do you want to learn Japanese cooking?
⑤ Have you ever been to ramen restaurant in Inha back gate?

5. Class number
Class 87 Group 7
12122036 송동섭
12121951 윤희문
12122056 이선재


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