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November 12, 2012

Kakao Talk Games

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1. Glossary

accessible : easy to find or reach

compete: to try to be more successful than someone or something else

combination: the mixture you get when two or more things are combined

opportunity: an occasion or situation which makes it possible to do something that
you want to do or have to do, or the possibility of doing something
application: an official request for something, usually in writing

2. Text

Our presentation is about kakao talk games. There are many different games in kakao talk. There are Anipang, Candypang, Dragonflight etc. Anipang is a game to match more than 3 animal characters. Continuously making combinations is important for scoring points. Candypang is similar to Anipang but you have to click on the same color characters and it also has a combo system to increase scores candypang item to enjoy this game. First item is bomb. Bomb remove characters a on vertically and horizontally. Second item is adding time clock.

Why are these games popular? There are three reasons. First of all, kakao talk games are connected with the messenger service. This way, it is accessible to many users, because many people use kakao talk. Secondly, this game makes users compete with friends. Finally, cute characters are also a popular factor.

What is the difference with other games? There are three differences. First of all, kakao talk games are able to invite friends. If I invite my friends in kakao talk games, I get hearts to play games with. This heart system is also different from other games. When you use all your hearts, you can’t play a game. Every eight minutes, one heart is added. Game scores are reset week by week. Although you might get a bad score this week, you might get a good score next week.

Kakao talk games have some positive effects on the app store market. First, kakao talk games give opportunities to many other games developers. Because, kakao talk games are a kind of casual game. And then many game developers can make easier than other games. So many developers have opportunities to apply to be kakao talk game developers. Second, kakao talk games make a satisfactory profit, because many people use the cash system of these games to play games. and it is helpful to the app store market’s economy.

3. References


4. Discussion Questions

1. Do you like kakao talk games? why? or why not?
2. Do you think the popularity of kakao talk games will continue?
3. Do you have your own method to get high scores in games?

Class 87, Group 3, and Group members : Park hyeon ju, Shin dong gwan, Kim jung yeon, Kim mi ryung


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