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November 12, 2012

Korean Historical People

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1. astonish : If something or someone astonishes you, they surprise you very much.

2. bureaucrat : Bureaucrats are officials who work in a large administrative system.

3. smuggle : If someone smuggles things or people into a place or out of it, they take them there illegally or secretly.

4. celestial : Celestial is used to describe things relating to heaven or to the sky.

5. sundial : A device used for telling the time when the sun is shining.

Our presentation is about Korean historical people.
In the history, there are many great people like King sejong and Lee sun sin.
But we wanted to introduce less famous people, so choose Four historical people; Saint Won-hyo, Gye baek, Moon Ik-chum, Jang yeong-sil.

1. Won-hyo

Won-hyo is Buddhist monk of Silla Dynasty. He has famous story. In 661, he was traveling to China for studying Buddhism. In the night, he was very thirsty therefore drink a bowl of water nearby him. But in the morning, he knew that the bowl is the human skull. He had drunk brackish water of skull. Wonhyo was astonished at the power of the human mind to transform reality. After this experience, he returned to Silla and strive for Buddhism.

2. Gye-baek

Gye-baek was a general in the kingdom of Baekje. In 660, he met Silla soldiers at battlefield of Hwangsanbeol. There were about 50,000 but Gye-back had just 5,000 soldiers. He had knew that he would die and Baekje would be destroyed. So before entering to the battlefield, he killed his family. Because he didn’t want he family members killed by Silla or became the slave. Gye-baek won four initial battles, however, finally surrounded.

3. Moon Ik-chum

Moon Ik-chum was a bureaucrat of Goryeo. In 1363, when he was visit china and came back, he smuggled cottenseed. And then he tried to cultivate cotton but every seed died. However, he friend succeeded to cultivation one seed. So he could grow more cotton and popularized the cotton.

4. Jang Yeong-sil

Jang yeong-sil was a prominent korean scientist and astronomer during the Joseon Dynasty. He made a celestial globe, Honcheonui. and He created korea’s first water clock, Jagyeokru. But, these were very costly, and the cheaper and more manageable alternative came about to be the sundial. Jang, Ichun, Kimjo, and other scientists made Korea’s first sundial, Angbu-Ilgu. Also he invented korea’s first rain gauge, Cheugugi and world’s first water gauge, Supyo.


[Discussion Question]
1. Have you learned about Won-hyo’s Buddhism thought?

2. Gye-baek killed his family members before battle. What do you think about it?

3. Moon Ik-chum smuggled cottonseed. What do you think about it?

[Class number]
Class 117, Group 7, Members; 유병인, 조규진, 김민우


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