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November 13, 2012

About London

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1. theatre : it likes theater
2. derby : It is big match
3. mascot : it is symbol of lucky
4. Thames : it means river
5. wenlock : Of a geologic epoch within the Silurian period from about 428 to 423 million years ago
6. LGBT: lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender

Our presentation is about London. Do you know London? We explain about tourist attraction, soccer, London’s weather, London’s famous food, London’s festival.

First, we explain soccer. EPL is famous soccer league. 5 teams are located in London. Arsenal FC, Chelsea FC, West ham united FC, Fulham FC, Totten ham HotspurFC, Queens Park Rangers. Arsenal and Chelsea, Totten ham are very famous team. Many people like these teams. These days, QPR popular in Korea because of Ji Sung Park. All Korean know him. he is famous and popular person. In London, London derbies are matched. North London derby is between Arsenal and Totten ham Hotspur. Arsenal and Totten ham are located very close place. So North London derby is exciting! West London derby is between Chelsea, Fulham and QPR. Chelsea is strong team in 3 teams. So this derby is not big derby. Football rival match likes Arsenal VS Chelsea. These teams are big and have many fans. cheering is fantastic. So this derby is existing and interesting.[1]

Second, we explain about tourist attraction in London. In London, there are many attractions.
Example, Big-Ben, Tower bridge, Saint Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace.
Big-Ben is the world’s most famous clock. It is one of London’s famous landmarks. It is established in 1859. The beginning, Big-Ben is called great bell of the clock. In past days its name means bell, but now its means clock. [2] Tower Bridge crosses the River Thames near the Tower of London. It was opened in 1894. Early in the It is built, many people don’t like Gothicism, so it is not popular but as time goes by it is one of the most famous landmarks. Night view is great spectacle. [3] Saint Paul’s Cathedral is established in AD 604. The present cathedral is founded between 1675 and 1710. It is second big cathedral in the world. Saint Paul’s Cathedral is divided 4floor. 1st is church floor 2nd whispering gallery 3rd stone gallery 4th golden gallery. [4] Buckingham Palace is established in 1705. In that place, Queen is do official business. Also it is used to receive other guests. The Changing of the Guard is held this place. It is famous ceremony. This palace is located between the green parks, Hyde Park, St. James’s park. [5]

Third, we explain about London’s weather. London is located near the North Atlantic Ocean. So there climate is special. That special climate is called west coast oceanic climate. Especially, London’s climate is contrasted with Seoul’s that. There summer is cooler and winter is warmer than Seoul’s them. And Seoul’s rainfall is concentrated in summer term called ‘jangma’. But London’s rainfall appear flat during all year. In seoul, Rainfall in year is divided two big parts. one is rain, the other is snow. In summer, All of rainfall is rain. However winter’s rainfall include rain and snow. London’s winter is not only warmer than Seoul but also doesn’t decrease under 0°C. So London’s rainfall in winter is almost not involved snow. [6]. Last, London has specially climate character called ‘London smog’. It is accident happened at December 1952. Smog’ origin is combination of smoke and fog. London smog is also combination of thick fog and pollutant like dust and sulfurous acid gas. That gave very bad influence such as dyspnoea. Today, London smog is a term meaning present which have characters like above things.[7]

Fourth, we explain about London’s food. London has so many delicious food. We will introduce two typical foods ‘fish and chips’ and ‘roast beef’. ‘Fish and chips’ is most famous food in London. It is combination of fried white fish and potato chips. When you eat fried fish, you eat that with tartar sauce. ‘Roast beef’ means roasted beef’s mass. It is very simple food. When we eat that, we eat Yorkshire pudding together. Yorkshire pudding also has simple recipe. First, Make pastes including flour, egg and milk. Second, Bake a paste with oil from beef.[8]

Finally, we explain about London’s festival. London has many festivals.
‘The Notting Hill carnival’ is an yearly event. Is the origin of the 1965 Caribbean-born black immigrants have marched through the streets singing and dancing and traditional costumes. It is the UK’s largest street festival. Every year over 100 million people come to see this festival in London.[9]
‘The London International Mine Festival’ is an yearly theatre event. This festival is also famous festivals in Europe. This festival shows the performances of mime and contemporary visual. It was established in 1977. The festival will be held on January 12 next year. If I have time, I want to go because in this festival, I can only see a selection of excellent performances.[10]
‘Pride London’ is a festival for LGBT. In other words, the gay parade is called. Pride London is the name of the many lesbian and gay. They are socially weak people. Their symbol is the rainbow. Here you can see people with different personalities. It is held in June and July.[3]
Not long ago, the former World Festival of the Olympic Games were held in London. Many abroad people watch the Olympic. In London Olympic, Two Mascot name are Wenlock and Mandevile. This Olympics, there were many accidents. But the efforts of many players, created a good result. Korea was ranked 5th in the world. So Korea was the strongest country in the athletic. In the next Olympic Games I hope to have better results. [11]

3. Reference

4. Discussion question
1) Which team will be champion of the league?
2) Which team do you like? Why?
3) Which player do you like? Why?
4) Which place do you want to go? Why?
5) Which climate do you like better? London’s or Seoul’s
6) How do you think which food is better?
7) Which festival do you want to go?
 8) What is the sport at the Olympic Games a memorable?


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