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November 13, 2012


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*class 147
group no.6
Name : 12073534윤찬송, 12122873김연중, 12122914박재우, 12123067한부미

*Discussion Question
1. Which coffee do you like? (specific menu)
2. How often do you drink coffee a day?
3. Which coffee shop do you often go?

1. Latte : a hot drink made from espresso (= strong coffee) and milk
2. Froth : small white bubbles on the surface of a liquid
3. Flourish : to grow or develop successfully
4. Macchiato : strong coffee with warm milk that has bubbles in it, or a cup of this
5. Dynasty : a series of rulers or leaders who are all from the same family, or a period when a country is ruled by them

Our subject is about coffee. Coffee is the most popular drink in the world. Especially in Korea. So we chose this subject for our presentation.

(1) Coffee is basically made with coffee beans. There are two types of coffee beans people use. ‘Arabica’ and ‘Robustas’. Arabica is the one that is the most used and the best quality one but it is difficult to grow. unlike this, ‘Robustas’ is easier to grow but is of lower quality than Arabica beans. so it is mainly used in instant coffee.

(2) Nowadays though there are various kinds of coffee shops in the world. They have pretty much the same menu items such as ‘Americano’, ‘Latte’, ‘Cafe mocha’ etc…
These menus are classified by its variation of ingredients such as water, milk, cream, froth, sugar. For example, in case of Americano, it is made with a cup of water and coffee. It’s the most simple and popular one. And Latte uses a cup of milk instead of water. It’s sweeter and softer than Americano. Next mocha is similar to a Latte but with chocolate syrup. Cafe Macchiato is one of the most complex one to make. Lastly Cappuccino consists of Latte with froth with means milk bubble.

(3) As people’s demand of coffee is increasing coffee franchises have flourished examples such as ‘Star bucks’, ‘Coffee bean’, and ‘Pascucci’ were successful all over the world. These shops not only provide a cup of coffee to customers but also make their customers experience a comfortable mood while drinking coffee. This emotional marketing makes customer feel that they are more important, especially women.

(4) Coffee has a lot of effects. As most people aware of it as, it repress sleepiness. Also it’s good for losing weight because drinking coffee can increase your heart rate and burn fat. It stimulates the heart to beat fast and relax muscles instantly. It’s good for people who have trouble with migraine headaches too.

(5) Finally, Coffee has a long history. People assume that human has been drinking coffee since BC 6~7c. The most plausible Origin of Coffee is that Ethiopian shepherd boy found it out by watching his sheep eating coffee beans. Then it spread out all over the world by Muslims and Europeans. It was about 100 years ago that Coffee was first introduced into Korea. King of Josun Dynasty, GO-Jong was the first Korean who drank coffee and it became popular by US army during Korean war in 1950.

(1) Book name: 커피의 거의 모든 것 (Ha bo sook, 열린 세상)
(4) Book name: Coffee (Kim joon, 김영사)
(5) Book name: 커피의 거의 모든 것 (Ha bo sook, 열린 세상)


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