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November 13, 2012

Festivals of Different Countries

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1. Glossary
-Fireworks [NOUN] a small container filled with explosive chemicals which produce bright coloured patterns or loud noises when they explode
-plunge [VERB] to (cause someone or something to) move or fall suddenly and often a long way forward, down or into something
-envision [VERB] to imagine or expect something in the future, especially something good
-exhibition [NOUN] when objects such as paintings are shown to the public, or when someone shows a particular skill or quality to the public.
-revitalize :[VERB] to give new life, energy, activity or success to something
-raffle :[NOUN] an activity in which people buy tickets with different numbers, some of which are later chosen to win prizes, which is arranged in order to make money for a good social purpose
2. Text
Todays many countries launch various festivals. So, Our presentation is about festival of different countries.

(This is picture that is taken in best spot of Han river’s park.)[1]
Do you know how many countries held festivals? There are many festival in Asia, Europe, America. Fireworks festival is representative of these festivals. The fireworks festival is launched every year from September to October in the Han-river’s civil park, yeo yi-do this festival envisions a better country by having fireworks.[2]

(This is person that enjoy the tomato festival in Spain,plungingtomato.)[3]
What kinds of festival held? Generally, There are food, customs, seasons, animal and plant festivals. For example, The Tomato festival is held every year on the last wednesday on August. This festival was started by plunging tomato prices. So, the farmers were so upset that they threw tomatoes at the administrate! The propose of this festival is to remind people of civil sprit by throwing ripe tomatoes. This festival can be enjoyed by every by every tourist and citizen.[4]

(This is Oska castle made of snow in Sapporo at night)[5]
Which countries have festivals specific to seasons? There is the Sapporo snow festival in Sapporo, Japan every early February. This area is very cold, so snow and ice last for a long time. If you go to this festival, you can see a lot of statues made from ice, ice exhibition, music concerts, ski shows, laser shows and queen of ice contests and so on.[6]

(This picture is that people are shopping during Dubai Shopping Festival.)[7]
Do you know why these festivals are held? Most of them are held to donate, to celebrate, for tradition and for marketing. Dubai Shopping Festival is marketing festival. Dubai Shopping Festival started on February 15, 1996 as a retail event intended to revitalize the retail trade in Dubai, vnited Arab Emirates. During Dubai Shopping Festival, Shops offer deep discounts on their merchandise, daily car raffles are drown, and fireworks are lit at night in Dubai’s sky. Tourist of the world are lured to all of the events that take place as well as to Dubai’s tax fee shopping during the festival.[8]
Thank for reading our presentation. So I ask you some discussion question about this presentation.
3. Reference
4. Discussion Question?
[1] Have you ever heard of the tomato festival in spain? If so, What do you think of the festival?
[2] Do you know about the Sapporo Snow Festival? or not, Tell us another season festival.
[3] What do you think about the festival of shopping in Dubai?
[4] Why are these festivals held?
[5] If you were to participate in one of these festivals, which one would you want to go to?
5. Class #027 Group#4
There are 4 members 김애림, 김필리, 이혜린, 주윤진.


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