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November 13, 2012

How to make Korean food

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Have you ever heard about Korean food recipes?
If you haven’t heard about that, we will introduce Korean food recipy.

No.1 we will introduce the making 떡볶이. Before making 떡볶이 we need rice cakes,fish cakes, red pepper paste and water. The first step is boiling the water.
When the water is very hot put the rice cakes, fish cakes and red pepper paste into the pot .
Third stir the rice cakes for about then minutes. Finally you just eat!

NO.2 we will introduce making 김치. First we have to add salt to the Chinese cabbage, because we need to soak the Chinese cabbage to make it softer. Second we have to make source. first make glutinous rice, mixed galic and red pepper dust. Second put the these in to the big pot and mix it. Finally mix Chinese cabbage with source

No.3 is seaweed soup. First we need seaweed, galic oil and meat. Second put these things in to the pot and roast it. Third, add water the pot and boil it. While boiling seaweed soup we add salt for good taste.

No.4 is rice cake soup. We need rice cakes, water, oil, egg, meat, laver and pot. First we need boiled water so, put water in to the pot and boil it. Second , chop the rice cakes and put them in the hot water with egg. Third we make gomeoung(고명). Gomeoung is set of egg, meat, laver and so on. Finally put gomeoung on the rice cake soup.

1.Have you ever made these kinds of food? ,If you made it what was different from our recipe?
2.which 고명 do you prefer? Why?
3.Do you like 떡볶이? If you don’t like 떡볶이 why not?
4.if you know how the make food with 김치 , tell me about it

Soak: the process of becoming softened and saturated as a consequence of being immersed in water
Glutinous rice: this is a type of Asian rice that is especially sticky when cooked
Fish cakes: this is a food item similar to a croquette consisting of a filleted fish and potato patty
Red pepper paste: this is a savory and pungent fermented Korean condiment made from red chili, glutinous rice fermented soybeans and salt
Roast: this is a cooking method that uses dry heat whether an open flame, oven, of other heat source

*class #:28
*Group #:1
*Member’s names: 고민우,박형진


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