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November 13, 2012

Introduction of Seoul

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University English presentation.

[Introduction of Seoul]

class #27 group 7
김현수 오주안 권순수 정의현


First. I will introduce public transportation.
Public transportation in Seoul is very developed because many people are crowded in Seoul.
almost all people use the bus and metro. The bus is at ground level, and about 20-25 persons can get in one bus. the metro is at the underground, and so many people can get in one train.
Public transportation’s routes are a complex network, but if you know how to use, but if you know how to use, then, you can get to where you want to go comfortably and quickly.
In addition, using public transportation reduces air pollution , helps to relieve traffic jams, is very fast, we can save time, and we can go anywhere you like. Efficiency of public transportation is very good.
And one very important, efficient, amazing thing for public transportation is transportation(traffic) card, when you use this card, you can transfer from the bus to the metro or from the metro to the bus, you can pay for a small fare, and you don’t need to have any money.
So, public transportation in Seoul is very important thing like heart in body

Next, We will introduce several famous tourist sites in Seoul.
The most typical in Seoul are Nam san, Cheong-Gye Cheon and Lotte World.

① Nam san (picture-2,3)

Nam san have various trail. Many people in the city want to feel the nature in the raw. If so, Nam san trails is one of good tourist! Typical trail is Nam san to Seoul forest course.
So, What do you think the most typical Nam san? this is Nam san Tower !
In addition, there are Restaurants, Teddy Bear Museum and Observation Deck.
Go to the Teddy Bear Museum, You can see the displayed teddy bears associated with Korean history and Seoul history. Also, if you go to Observation Deck, you can see beautiful the whole of Seoul. if you are lovers!, you should go to samsunyi stair! samsunyi stair became famous as a drama location .

② Cheong-Gye Cheon (picture-4)

Cheong-Gye Cheon stream flows through the boundary of Seoul’s Jongno-gu and Jung-gu areas. there are Walking course 1 and Walking course 2. Also Cheong-Gye Cheon has a lot to see. there are Digital Canvas, Digital Garden by using the light and Digital symbolizes Light towers involves Cheong-Gye Cheon’s concept.

③ Lotte World (picture-5)

Lotte World is most typical amusement park in Seoul.
Two amusement facilities themes in Lotte world. One is Adventure and the other is Magic Island. In adventure, FLUME RIDE is very famous but unavailable in summer. Magic Island is famous for ATLANTIC ADVENTURE, GYRO DROP, GYRO SWING, BUNGEE DROP, WAIKIKI WAVE.
If you go to Lotte word , you will have a fantastic day.

Until now, we have examined tourist sites in Seoul! so you can discover common.
you find it? this is date course. ^^ if you have girlfriend or boyfriend, must go.
thank you for listening.

At 3rd, Let me introduce festivals of Seoul.
In Seoul, there are many festivals.
but I will introduce three famous festivals.

first, cherry blossom festival.


There are many cherry trees in Seoul along the rivers and roads.
so in spring, many cherry blossom buds blossom.
therefore, various cherry blossom festivals are held.
cherry blossom festival is held in Song-pa Gu, Yeongdeung-po Gu, Geum-cheon Gu, so on.
Generally, they are held in April.

second, Seoul international fireworks festival.


In this festival, many colorful fireworks are launched into the sky at night.
this festival has been held in October (sometimes in September) since 2000.
this festival is held in Han-river citizen’s park, Yeo-ui Do.
Every year when this festival is held, this park is very crowded.
So I recommend you to go there by public transportation.

third, Seoul lantern festival.


This festival began in 2009, and this is held every November.
You can see this festival in Cheong-gye stream, in Jong-ro Gu.
If you go there, you can see These lanterns which express the roots of the Seoul, and the lifestyles of our ancestors.
There are experience programs, too. for example, You can make the traditional lantern.

Lastly, we will introduce Famous food alley in seoul.
seoul is interesting place because they have especially delicious food.
There are many famous food alleys;
Sindang-dong, Sillim-dong, Gongdeok station , Mugyo-dong and Wangsipri Etc.
typically, representative is Sindang-dong, Gongdeok station, Mugyo-dong.

First, Sindang-dong is famous for the tteokbokki.
Sindang-dong is located seoul junggu.
tteokbokki was added red pepper sauce and rice cake.
Korean people like spicy, so most Korean like tteokbokki.
Sindang-dong’s tteokbokki is little bit more delicious so many people love Sindang-dong’s tteokbokki.

second, Gongdeok is famous for the pig trotters.
pig trotters’s alley is located in front of Gongdeok station.
pig trotters are boiled pig’s feet meat and they have a lots of collagens.
many people like pig trotters, especially Gongdeok pig trotters are more chewy.
so people often look for Gongdeok station’s pig trotters.

Third, Mugyo-dong is famous for octopus.
Mugyo-dong is located in seoul junggu too.
Octopus is seafood which is very often used in a variety of food.
Mugyo-dong’s octopus food is very spicy, so many koreans like this too.

I have found famous food alleys in seoul, so I hope you will visit there.

What do you think about Seoul’s public transportation system nowadays?
Would you like to travel around? why or why not?
What kind of festivals do you want to go to? why?
How do you deal with the crowds of many people during rush hour?

public transportation: a system of vehicles such as buses and trains which operate at regular times on fixed routes and are used by the public.
deck: a wooden floor outside a house, usually with railings and without a roof.
launch: to send something out, such as a new ship into water of a rocket into space.
chewy: describes fodd that needs to be chewed a lot before it is swallowed.
trotter: a pig’s foot used for food.



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