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November 13, 2012

Korean Festivals

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1. Glossary

mime (noun) : when you use movements of your hands and body, and expressions on your face, without speech, to communicate emotions and actions or to tell a story.

bamboo (noun) : a tall tropical grass with hard hollow stems, or the stems of this plant.

traditional (adjective) : following or belonging to the customs or ways of behaving that have continued in a group of people or society for a long time without changing.

exhibition (noun) : when objects such as paintings are shown to the public, or when someone shows a particular skill or quality to the public

ginseng (noun) : the root of a tropical plant, especially from China, used as a medicine and to improve health

2. Text

Our presentation is about Korean festival. There are many different festivals in Korea.

1) Nature festival

– Jindo Sea-parting festival
This festival takes place in April.
Maybe you can see a fantastic vies of the ‘See-parting’.
Also, you can buy traditional alcoholic drinks ‘홍주’, and experience special ceremony for ‘뽕할머니’.
This festival is interesting and attactive. [1]

– Damyang Bamboo Festival
This festival is held in Damyang in May.
It offers many experiences about bamboo.
For example, you will ride bamboo bicycle and make bamboo accessories.
If you come with your family, maybe you can go fishing or bamboo boating. [2]

2) Art Festival

– Chuncheon International Mime Festival.
This festival will be open in May in chuncheon.
They show many performances in which a mime tells a story without speaking.
The most interesting event in the mime festival program is “아水라장”
It is an experience of having fun in the water with water guns. [3]

– Bucheon International Comics Festival (BICOF)
this festival will be open in August in Bucheon.
They report on a New media of K-Comics called “Manhwa”.
It has a lot of events like cartoon signing and costume plays competition. [4]

3) Food festivals

We don’t know about korean traditional food festivals. So, I will let you know about korea food festivals.

-kimchi festival in Gwangju.
This festival take place from 13th October to 17thOctober. This festival has many kinds of activities.
Actually We don’t know a lot about kimchi but we think that we know a lot about kimchi. But we don’t know how to make Kimchi and what ingredients to use in each city. And there are many sorts of kimchi in the world because kimchi is a world food. We don’t know a lot about that. So this festival holds the kimchi exhibition to introduce many sort of kimchi to the world.
This festival not only introduces kimchi but also holds many kinds of activities. For example, we can experience making kimchi, making kimchi chocolate and making handcraft like plates or bowls with kimchi characters. [5]

– Ginseng festival in Geumsan.
This festival also takes place from 14th September to 23thSeptember and has many kinds of activities. Geumsan is one of the cities that grows a lot of Ginseng.
This festival has the purpose of introducing the effect of the ginseng and traditional culture. If we visit that festival, we will able to experience health activities. Health activities are these : Massage the foot or hands, and foot bath, testing the constitution in Korea medical way that oriental medicine uses.
Other activities are drinking the cocktail that mix the ginseng. I think that cocktail is very bitter in the mouth. One of the activities, This festival’s main activity is having a chance to dig up the ginseng. That activity not only helps the forming of family groups but also gives enjoyment! [6]

4) Cultural Festival

– Jeongwol Daeboreum Fire Festival
This festival take place in April.
this festival starts with 50 ponys rush up the hill.
and it is a peak of this festival that grassland fire to see a sea of fire.
you can see burn DalJib and swing a fire can around.
you can also do various traditional plays.[7]

– Hansan Mosi Cultural Festival
this festival take place from Jun 8th~10th.
Mosi is material of clothes. especially, summer clothes.
so you can do a lot of activities make Mosi colthes in this festival.
also, you can see how to Mosi clothes.
and Mosi fashion show held in during the festival. so you can see beutiful Mosi clothes!
This place is famous to Hansan Sogokju village.
so you can see making Sogokju, you can make Sogokju.[8]

3. References


4. Discussion Questions

1) Have you ever heard of/ visited Korean festivals?
If so, when did you go, and where did you go?

2) Would you like to visit one of these festivals?
Why or Why not?

3) Do you think korean festivals are not well known to Korean people?
Why or Why nor?

4) What kind of festival activity from our presentation are you interested in?

Class 27 , Group 2 , 김은정 김현주 서유진 송현주


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