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November 13, 2012

Korea’s presidential election

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Our presentation is about Korea’s presidential election.

First, we present the History of Korea’s presidential elections. On July 20, 1948 Korea’s 1st presidential election had been run. At the time, the system of presidential election is made Indirect election and Vice-president system was performed instead of prime minister system. Then, Syung Man Lee was elected the 1st president of Korea and Si Young Lee was elected the 1st vice-president of Korea. After the election, on July 24 1948, the inauguration and the Government of the Republic of Korea was proclaimed at home and abroad, and establish on August 15. Before Korea’s 2nd presidential election, the Indirect election system was changed to a Direct election system. After changing election system, direct election system was changed to a Indirect election system many times. Today, Korea’s presidential election system is Direct election system. And after president Lee Syungman, Yoon Bosun, Park Chunghee, Choi Gueha, Chun Duhwan, Roh Taewoo, Kim Youngsam, Kim Daechung, Roh Moohyun and Lee Myungbak was elected Korea’s president. [1]

Second, we have to know about election campaign. An election term is 23days, as established by law. During election terms, the candidate and his supporters can canvass for votes using different ways. The Media, such as radio, TV, and newspapers is used to explain candidate’s presidential election pledges. It lets all people know about pledges. And the candidates & supporters usually go around Korea to meet voters and help recognizing their candidate’s number. They use songs of dances to inform voters or make them feel familiar with the candidate. Also, they make some pamphlet and spread each voter. The government should crack down on illegal electioneering, such as giving money instead of election campaign. [2]

A qualifications of the candidate is granted to Election Day, and currently living in Korea for more than 5 years in people over the age of 40. Two ways can be registered as a candidate. Candidate must receive the recommendation of their party, the party’s members, Or resident is one of the city on the constituent by more than 500, more than five poems and a total of 2,500 patients received the recommended. 5 million donation and registration as a candidate. Pay fines or illegal facilities for the cost of Execution by Proxy donation. Candidate is elected or more than 15% of votes, the remaining donation is between 10 to 15 percent return, receive the full amount if you are half You can get back in full even if the deceased candidate.[3]

Then, I will explain the 18th presidential election of 2012. A feature of this election is the emphasis on the innovation of politics due to distrust of the regime. Independent candidates, and hope for regime change, came to the fore. The main candidates in this presidential election are Ann Chulsoo, Moon Jaein, and Park Geunhye. Ann Chulsoo is an independent candidate. He is a symbol of the opinion of the people for political innovation. Moon Jaein is an opposition candidate. He belongs to the Minju party. Lastly, Park Geunhye is a female candidate. She is the candidate from the ruling party. She belongs to the Saenuri party. An important issue of this presidential election is the unification of independent and opposition candidates. The date of the 2012, 18th presidential election vote is December 19. [4]

Discussion question

1. If you were a candidate to e the ideal president what pledge would you make?
2. what problem are there with the current election rules?
3. Who was the best or worst president? And why?
4. If you surplus one more qualification of candidate what would you make


1. inauguration.(n) : a formal ceremony to mark the beginning of a major political leader;s term of office

2. canvass(v) : the systematic initiation of direct contact with a target group of individuals commonly used during political campaigns

3. proclaim(v) : to announce officially and publicly

4. candidate(n) : A person who seeks or is nominated for an office, prize, or honor

5. regime (n) : the form of government: the set of rules, cultural or social norms, etc. that regulate the operation of government and its interactions with society.






* Class #: 147

* Group #: 4

* Members’ names: 김현식, 박진슬, 이현우, 남석현


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