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November 13, 2012

Makeup Tips

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Our presentation is about Make-up tips. First Why do peole put on make up? Maybe its reason is people want to be beautiful in front of other people. Generally women, actor and singer have put on make up. But recently men in their 20’s also put on make up. so Why? In competitive society, appearance become one of competitiveness. And media look men entertainer’s make up. Men have interest in Beauty, too.

However cognition about men’s make up isn’t positive yet. Men in their 40~50’s think that men’s make up doesn’t seem right. In spite of this critical make up become major interest in world. For now make up isn’t only women’s concern. All of people have interest in make up. According to this stream , make up’s social position is more and more big. And make up is important category in our life. So job(occupation) about make-up appear. For example ,make-up artists and make-up academy teacher.

And TV program about make up is increasing. There are various of cosmetic brands. MAC, CHANEL, BOBBY BROWN, DIOR, MISHA, THE FACE SHOP..etc. Brand’s price is all different. Brand like MAC, CHANEL have so expensive price. Brands like MISHA, THE FACE SHOP have cheap price. When peole is university student, they use usually cheap cosmetic brand. Job people use famous and expensive cosmetic brand.

Let’s see the order of putting on makeup. First, Put on skin toner, and lotion for skin care. Toner is used to freshen up and remove traces of cleanser. Coat cotton pad with toners and wipe over the face.

Lotion is used to moisturize the skin. Put on facial essence, hydrating cream and eye cream to personal taste. They help to prevent dryness and formation of winkles. We need sunscreen to protect our skin from UV rays. The higher SPF(Sun Protection Factor) is, The longer time of UV rays protection is. Second, Put on primer and make-up base. Primer and make-up base are viscous liquid. They shrink the pores and lengthen cosmetic lasts. The can be skipped.

Put on foundation or blemish base using brush or sponge or fingertips. Foundation come in variety of types. There are liquid foundation, cream foundation, compact foundation, stick foundation and powder foundation. Blemish base is known as BB cream. They change the bright skintone and cover flaws. Choose a color like your own skintone.

Concealers are used to cover dark circles and other small blemishes. Put highlighter on across the forehead and down the nose. Put shading on along the jaw line. Highlighter and shading makes a three-dimensional effect of face. Third, Draw eyebrow with eyebrow pencil. Eyebrow pencil’s color should be similar to your hair color. Put eye shadow on eyelids. Eye shadow colors are various. Draw eyeline around the contours of the eye. Eyeliners define the eyes and emphasize the eyes. There are pencil eyeliner, liquid eyeliner and gel eyeliner in eyeliner types. According to personal taste or use, choose eyeliner type. Use eyelash curler. Eyelash curler is a mechanical device for curling eyelashes.

Put on mascara for enhancing the eyes. Mascara colors are commonly black. Put blusher on cheek. Blusher make the face to look beautiful. There are pink, peach, mauve in blusher. You’d better choose blusher color similar to lip color.

Finally, Put on lip stick or lip tint or lip gloss. Lip stick consist solid. But Lip gloss and Lip tint consist liquid. Lip stick colors are various. You can also put on lip stick or lip gloss suing lip brush. If the lip is dry and hurt, put on lip balm.

[1]This year’s summer trend was artificial color, while this year’s fall trend is natural light. Makeup artist guess that people love the forest like colors of fall. Beauty program ‘Get it beauty’ introduces makeup tip’s for this fall. That’s Nude makeup, Reminiscence makeup, Brown color makeup and Smoky eye makeup. People must express natural light skin through oil and pearl powder. So express matte like skin as opposed to glossy skin as 물광 makeup. Unusually people will prefer eye shadow without pearl. The lip makeup trend of intense red color has become toned down. Also Cheek makeup is important. Cheek color should be used to enhance your complexion, not to change your natural skin tone. Let’s find out about unique makeup techniques.

[2]ギャル originated from Japanese girls. ギャル makeup is unique girl’s makeup. Especially this emphasizes eye make up. [3]Goth makeup originated from dracula of the middle ages. So Goth makeup create pale skin like dracula. Barbie doll makeup is doing makeup like Barbie doll. Make big eyes, a prominent nose, small face, fine skin and clear feature through makeup.

You can express your unique individuality through this makeup techniques. [4]Also makeup has a plastic effect, according to ‘amazing contest Star King’ (korea TV program). People surprised image change of plastic makeup before and after. And people told “makeup is better then plastic surgery”. Small eyes to be big eyes through eyeliner. Even makeup can make double eyelid. Eye makeup are important. Because Your eyes are what people usually first notice about your appearance. Also people make a prominent nose through highlighter, and white skin through foundation. Because foundation can cover blemish. Look at the pictures. That’s amazing, isn’t it? Well, so far we have described different kinds of makeup. Now I want good makeup to express yourself for everybody.

[4 ]

reminiscence : the act of remembering events and experiences from the past.
emphasize : to show or state that something is very important or worth giving
attention to.
cosmetic : substances that you put on your face or body which are intended to
improve its appearance.
blemish : a mark on something that spoils its appearance.
mauve : (having) a pale purple colour.

Discussion questions
1. Have you ever put on makeup? Why?
2. What do you think about men’s makeup?
3. How many makeup tools and makeup goods do you buy in a month?

* Class #: 147

* Group #: 1

* Members’ names: 12102821 김예지, 12102921 이솔희, 12123027 전진영


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