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November 13, 2012

My Hometown

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1. Glossary
①dock : a structure built out over water in a port along which ships can land to load and unload, or the enclosed area of water between two such structures
②harbor : a protected area of water next to the land where ships and boats can be safely kept
③swamp : an area of very wet, soft land
④bamboo : a tall grass that grows in hotter regions and that has hard, hollow stems, or the stems of this plant
⑤traffic jam : a situation of too many vehicles on a road so that they can move only very slowly or not at all

2. Text
Our presentation is about our hometowns.
People have their own hometowns.
Our members hometowns are DaeJeon, Incheon and Kang-nueng.
Let us introduce our cities.

My hometown is kang-neung.
Kang-neung is located east of Korea.
kang-neung has very famous places and awesome tourist spots.
There are Kyungpodae, Ojukheon, Sunkyojang etc.
Also, the air is pure and fresh and the nearby sea is wonderful.
One of most famous touist spots in Kang-neung is Kyungpodae.
Kyungpodae means not only Kyunpo lake but also Kyungpo sea.
In the summer, many people visit Kyungpo sea to have on interesting summer vacation.
About 500 years ago, Yulgok-yi-i and his mother Sin-sa-im-dang lived in Ojukheon.
Their portraits are on korea money.
Look at the 5,000won note and the 50,000won note.
He is Yulgok-yi-i and she is Sin-sa-im-dang.
And in Ojukheon, ‘O’ mean black, ‘juk’ mean bamboo, ‘heon’ mean house.
In the winter, there is a lot of snow.
After snow falls, everything in Kang-neung is white.
Often, the snow is over 1 meter high.

My hometown is Dae Jeon.
Now I’m going to introduce my city, Dae Jeon.
Dae Jeon is the best place to live for several reasons.
Firstly, Dae Jeon has good transportations and traffic.
Dae Jeon is located in the center of Korea, so it’s convenient to go anywhere in Korea using buses and trains.
Also roads in the city are well arranged which make less traffic jams.
Secondly, Dae Jeon is the city of scientific research.
It has the best engineering college in Korea, called Kaist.
Many students are studying to develop technology.
Also, Dae Jeon has Dae-Duk science research village, where many doctors study science.
Lastly, there are many fantastic places to go in Dae Jeon.
If you are tired of your life, you can go to the Expo and experience the science.
There is an amusement park next to the Expo, there you can go on many rides.
If you need fresh air, many mountains are waiting for you.
For these reasons, Dae Jeon is the best city in Korea. Please visit my city and have fun.

Incheon is a harbor city. there are two harbors Incheon, Soreapogu, Yunanbudu.
At that place, there is lots of sea food like shrimp, fish, and jeotgal.
And in Incheon there is the new city of Songdo.
In Songdo there are many foreign companies and foreign university campuses like New York university.
In Incheon there are many beautiful islands. some islands were used for dramas.
There islands have many beautiful sights.
And also have a beach named Eulwangri, In the summer, there are many people on that beach.
And there is the Munhak stadium, which was used for the World cup.
It is very beautiful. And there is a baseball team named ‘SK Wyverns’ They are very storng team.
And there is the Incheon international airport in Young Jong island. It is very nice.
At nearby Sorea dock, There is a swamp, It is good for tracking.
And Incheon has a Chinatown. there are many chinese restaurant, so the food there is very delicious.
Also selling many kinds of china product.

3. Reference

4. Discussion Question?
(1) How long have you been in your hometown?
(2) What city do you think the best place to live?
(3) What city do you think the best place to tour?

5. Class number
Class 27, group 5, Members; 이충재, 주현욱, 조정민, 김주경


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