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November 13, 2012


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Class Number: 147 Group : 7

Group members: 이시내,심성보,이수민,장덕기

Our presentation is about Smart phone Games. There are many kinds of games.
For example, Anipang,Candypang,Dragon flight,Angry brids, and I iove coffee and
so on…[5] some of them are connected with social networking services.(SNS)(KAKAO TALK)[4]

Who plays smart games?

Before, These games was only for young people, but, nowdays because of SNS growing popularity all ages paly games.

Why do people play smart phone games?

many people play these games because they want to have higher score then other people, also , people want to kill the spare time.

Because many people enjoy these games, it cause many effects. It has bad effects and good effects, First of all we will explain about bad effects it causes decreasing eye sight, game addiction and battery depletion.[2],[3] On the other hand, it has good effects, such as making online friends.

Smart phone game have many genre.
There are RPG,PUZZLE,ACTION,TYCOONS and so on… For example, anipang and candypang are included in puzzle games. anipang and candypang explode when 3 or more of the same blocks get together. and it has a time limit so speed is very importants.[1] When the game is over you can check youre score and ranking. The next game is I love coffee, It’s included in tycoon games. It is a game in which you manage a coffee shop. For example, making coffee, decorating your coffee shop, selling coffee and serving and cleaning your shop. The last game is Angry birds. It is included in arcade games. This game has a story in which birds want revenge on pigs. you just shoot your birds to kill pigs and destroy their homes.

(Any pang) (Angry Birds) (Dragon Flights)

(Candy Pang) (I love Coffee)


3.Discussion Question.

[1] What kinds of smart phone games do you play? Why?

[2] would want to play smart phone games? why or why not?

[3] Did you feel that smart phone games can cause inconvenience?
(For example, by draining you battery?)
Why or why not?


Revenge: something that you do to punish someone who has done something bad to you

Destroy: to damage something so badly that it does not exist or cannot be used

addition: added to what already exists or happens, or more than you already do or have

manage: to do something or deal with something successfully

depletion : to reduce the amount of something, especially a natural supply


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