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November 13, 2012

Street Food at Inha University’s Back Gate

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Drug [NOUN] : A drug is a chemical which is given to people in order to treat or prevent an illness or disease.
franchise [NOUN] :A franchise is an authority that is given by an organization to someone, allowing them to sell its goods or services or to take part in an activity which the organization controls.
Popular [ADJ] : Something that is popular is enjoyed or liked by a lot of people.
inexpensive [ADJ] : Something that is inexpensive does not cost very much.
Crush [VERB] : To crush something means to press it very hard so that its shape is destroyed or so that it breaks into pieces

Out team’s presentation topic is “Street Food at Inha Univ”. What is the first thing that pop’s into your mind when you think of street food?
We have searched for street food, which is cheap and simple, at Inha University.

Q1) What kinds of street food are there at the area of back gate of Inha University?

At first, there are two street foods which is really special in Inha University.
Addicted Juice.(Mayak Juice)
It is fresh fruit juice; you can find it at the shop named: ‘Abbey Road’. The price of this fresh fruit juice is about from 2500 to 3000 won. It’s made of fruit and crushed ice.
The name comes from real ‘Drug’ because it makes you want to have more juice after drinking like drug.

Egg Bread
You can buy it at the small shop near the crossroad, price is 500 won for one. It’s so cheap and delicious.
There are various street foods such as Ddukboki, Sundae, Kimbap, Hot dog, Toast, Cup-bap, Waffle.

Q2) What’s the best street food shop in the area of back gate of Inha University?

As the representative of street food, there are many franchises. There are Sinjun Ddukboki, Gukdae Ddukboki, Bumuri, and Addal, and they also sell kimbap, sundae and something else. You can find Ddukboki from any franchises, but if you want to have special ddukboki, we’d like to recommend you to go the store named: 즐겨찾기. 인하 즉석 떡볶이, it has lots of soup like stew, and super delicious.
2. Hot dog

There are lots of hot dog shops there. Among them, ‘Suni burger’, which is located at the small back gate, is the most popular shop for hot dog. Price starts from 1200 to 2800, it depends on topping you choose.

There are, of course, many waffle stores, but we’d like to recommend to you “Wagunsaeng’ and ‘Pound’. It offers you the best waffle ever with super soft fresh cream.

4.Fresh Fruit juice.

As we said before, ‘Abbey road’ which sells ‘Addicted Juice’ is the best. The juice from that shop has much more fresh fruit than the other shops.

Q3:What do many people prefer street food?
1. First of all, it’s cheap. Students don’t have lots of money and easy to get street food with inexpensive price, so the thing that it’s cheap is the best part of street food.
2. It tastes good. Even though it’s cheap, what if it tastes terrible, nobody would want to have that.
3. Variety. As we said before, consumers have fun to choose street food.
4. Simple. Street foods, which are like a meal in itself, are really easy to get for busy students, even they can have it when they go to school.
5. Quick. Most of street food have simple recipe and food is already cooked, consumers don’t have to wait for food.

Q4: What kinds of people do have street food?
As we said, students usually have street food. And the office workers who are really busy in the morning usually prefer to have it.
We guess that all the people in Korea, men and women of all ages, love street food.

3.Discussion Questions
1. What is your favorite street food? Why ?
2. Which street food store do you like? Why?
3. What do you think is the worst street food store in Inha? Why?
4. Why would you eat street food instead of another food?
5. What do you think about street food?
6. Have you ever gone to a street food store?

Original research by group members.

Class 147 , Group 2
Group member : 임은지 홍지혜 상희수 한규태


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