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November 13, 2012


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1. Word
Missionary – someone who travels to another country to teach people about the Christian religion
Wimbledon – a lawn court tennis tournament, one of the four Grand Slam championships
Maria Sharapova – a Russian professional tennis player. As of November 5, 2012 she is ranked World No. 2. and she has many Award-winning
Nobles – a person of the highest social group in some countries.
Grand slam – when you win all the important competitions that are held in one year for a particular sport

2. Text
Our presentation is about tennis. Investigated for tennis equipment, history, etc.
[1] tennis was born in France. at first, tennis was start by nobles. And It was brought to Korea by missionaries.
Today, there are many different leagues; these include Wimbledon, grand slam.
To play tennis, we need many kinds of equipment. For example tennis racket, shoes, ball, and tennis wear, etc. also we need tennis court and net.
There are many types of tennis courts. people usually use sand, hard, grass court.
Tennis game in grass court is safer than other courts but grass interrupts the bounce of the ball. On the other hand, tennis game in hard court is good for the bounce of ball, but playing on hard courts is dangerous.

Tennis is divided into two types. One is single and the other is double.
[2] Single is 1 VS 1, double is 2 VS 2.
– Doubles
Doubles scene like two men depicted in the photo above, if you use the entire, line will match.
Me of the partners are easy for anyone to handle the number of people, regardless of struck the ball and passed the ball to put each shift one set service to put the opponent on the court.
– singles
Singles doubles line does not look at both sides of the line of the outer line of the singles line. Doing doubles with use of the tennis line both sides of the line dividing the two of these coats defense and attack and the singles players all alone that you need to handle the differences between singles and doubles. The basic rules are the same.
Single court is a little smaller than double court.
Rule of Tennis is basically one bounce and in bounds. Ball must be in bounds, and you must hit it before Two bounces
May be, you think tennis is easy, but tennis needs many skills, you can hit forehand or backhand also you can hit smash or fake skills.
Famous players that we know are Maria Sharapova and Roger Federer.
[3] Maria Sharapova was runner-up 2012 Women’s Pro Tennis Championship singles and 2012 WTA Tour China Open singles.

Roger Federer was runner-up 2012 30th Annual Meeting of the London Olympics Tennis Men’s Singles and won 2012 ATP Tour Western & Southern Open singles.

3. Reference

4. Discussion Question
[1] Have you ever played tennis?
[2] what think about tennis?
[3] Do you favorite sports except tennis? What is it?

5. Class #:28
Group #:8
Member’s names: 이 민우, 강 성중, 김 영국


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