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November 14, 2012


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Our presentation is about Casinos. Thesedays, when we watch TV news sometimes we hear about casinos. But many people don’t know casinos well. So we introduce casino in this time.
First, There are many kinds of games. For example, Roulette, Blackjack, Dice, Craps, Poker, Slot Machine, Mahjong and so on. So we introduce poker.

1. Become familiar with poker hand(the 5 cards held in a game of poker) variations.
2. Chip in.
3. Deal or be dealt with.
4. Look at your cards while everyone else looks at theirs.
5. Take turns.
6. Draw. Once everyone has had a turn (even if everyone checked) get rid of up to three cards you don’t want and have them replaced. This is done in turns, again beginning with the player on the dealer’s left and going clockwise. Choose the cards that you don’t think will help you gain a winning hand. You might get rid of three cards, or you might keep them all. If you do get rid of cards, put them face down on the table so no one sees what you had.
7. Go through another around of betting.
8. Expose your cards.

Second, there are some casinos in most countries. But the biggest casino is Texas station casino in the USA. Its size is 25000m2. And there are some casinos in Korea, too. 워커힐 is in Seoul, 파라다이스 is in Busan, 골든비치 is in Jeju, and 강원랜드 is in Kangwon.

Third, who is in there? Do you know? There are so many people. For example, casino dealers, floor people, supervisor directors, cleaners and CCTV watchers.
Casino dealers are very important in games. Casino dealers give clients trust, and lead clients to use money. If clients don’t trust the casino dealer, they won’t play games and leave. So casino dealers have self-confidence, and lead games properly. Casino dealers keep watch on players. If players play a trick, casino dealers call floor people. Then, the floor people come there and stop the players playing. Those players must leave. Floor person is a job in casino.
Floor people supervise and coordinate activites of workers in assigned gaming areas. They circulate among tables and observe situations. And floor people know the rules of the games well. So floor people explain them to patrons.

Fourth, What do you think about casinos?
So, first of all, we will introduce their good effects. For a start, casinos are good for tourism to obtain foreign money. Because if casinos prosper in Korea, many foreigners tour Korea. And many people sleep in Hotels. So Casinos are good for the sales growth of hotels and the country acquires a lot of taxes. Also casinos relieve the difficulty of finding employment because it uses only human power resources. so it is creation of many jobs. Lastly, Casinos give effect to a modern living. because employees do the performance such as musical, drama, concert so that is very interesting. But Casinos have bed effects. In advance, many people who become addicted are losed much money. even become bankrupt. so I think casinos are like the two faces of Janus. Because casinos have good effects and bed effects at the same time.


1. What do you think of casinos? Do you think of casinos more positively than before the presentation?

2. Do you want to go to casinos? If so, what casinos do you want to go to?

3. Have you ever played casino games? If you have played or know about them, which game is most interesting?


1. Supervisor : to watch a person or activity and make certain that everything is done correctly, safely, etc

2. Coordinate : to make different people or things work together effectively, or to organize all the different parts of an activity

3. Assign : to give someone a particular job or responsibility

4. Observe : to watch someone or something carefully

5. Patron : a customer at a bar, restaurant, or hotel


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