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November 14, 2012

Gods of Mount Olympus

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Class 57
Group 6
이봉규, 강수민, 조용현
Our presentation is about Gods of Mount Olympus.
There are 12 Gods. They are Zeus, Hermes, Aphrodite, Artemis, Apollo, Ares, Athena, Demeter, Hera, Dionysos, Poseidon, and Hephaistos who appeared in Greek Myths.

First, Zeus is the king of the Gods and he directs thunder and lightening. He is a Casanova and he loves girls.

Second, Hermes is a messanger and the God of thieves and merchants. And he is good at petty tricks.
Third, Aphrodite is the Goddess of beauty and love. And she had a husband but she loved another god.
Fourth, Artemis is the Goddess of moon, hunting, and virgins. And she is Apollo’s sister. She shot her lover who is Orion.
Fifth, Apollo is the God of the sun, music, art, poetry, forecasting, medical care, and archery. He is Artemis’s brother.
Sixth, Ares is the God of war. He makes war. But he always loses. It’s because he always fights with Athena.

Seventh, Athena is the Goddess of war and wisdom. She is the patron saint of Athens. And she was born from Zeus’s head.
Eighth, Demeter is the Goddess of land. She has a daughter who is Persephone. Persephone is Hades’ wife.
Nineth, Hera is the Goddess of wedding, delivery and jealousy. And she is Zeus’ wife. She bullies Zeus’ other lovers.
Tenth, Dionysos is the God of alcohol and carnivals. He brought carnivals to crete island.

Eleventh, Poseidon is the God of Waters. He is Zeus’ order brother. He is greedy.
Twelveth, Hephaistos is the God of the Smith. He is Aphrodite’s husband. And he is a cripple and very ugly.[1],[2],[3]
Thus far we described the 12 Gods of Mount Olympus. If you want more stories about the Gods of Mount Olympus, we propose that you search on the Internet. We rest our case. Thank you for listening.

1. What do you think about Casanovas like Zeus?
2. If you would be a God of Mount Olympus, which one would you want to be?
3. If you can make a wish to God, what do you want to?
4. If you have a Hermes’ shoes, where do you want to go?
5. When did you first learn about Greek Myths?
1. Cripple- to injure someone so that they cannot use their arms or legs.
2. Virgin- someone who has never had sex.
3. Patron saint- a saint (= a special, famous Christian) who is believed to help a particular place, person, or activity.
4. Messenger- someone who takes a message between two people.
5. Smith- someone who makes things out of metal, especially by heating and hammering it to shape it.


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