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November 14, 2012


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* Class #: 57

* Group #: 4

* Members’ names: 간태범 고주환 이동엽 이민식

Our presentation is about movies.
These day’s there are many different movie genres.
These include fantasy, romantic movies,SF,action,horrer,comedy,etc.

What is the movie’s example?

First, there are many movies in korea.

Movies that have been seen over 10 million times are 괴물,실미도,광해,도둑들,왕의남자,태극기 휘날리며,etc.

Second there are many foreign movies.

The examples are The Lord of the rings series, Superman Series, The Harry Poter Series, Titanic, Spiderman and The Dark Knight Series.

There are international Movie film festival.

It includes Busan international film festival and cannes international film festival.

Do you know the red carpet?
Many actors and actress wear the wonderful clothing on the red carpet.

After watching the movies, We evaulate the movies.

Often We are talking story and actor’s performance skill.
The most popular conversation topic is actress’s body line and face.

And the last thing is that movies teach us many things.
For example.. Did you see the ‘태극기 휘날리며’? this movie is about the korean war(1950.6.25.).

In this movie, because of the war family’s members turned against each other.
What I learned is that war causes tragedy. So no matter how we got mad against someone, we never fight each other.


1. Who is the actor you like most?

2.What kinds of movies do you like?

3.what was the last movie that you saw in a theater?

4.What kind of film festival do you want to go to?

5.Is there any place that you saw in a movie that you want to go to?
(For example, Hogwat’s school of Magic)

6.Did you see Harry potter? then, what was your favorite scene in the movie?
and why do you think so?

7.What do you think will be the most interesting movie that is coming soon?


Genre : a style, especially in the arts, that involves a particular set of characteristics

Evaluate : to judge or calculate the quality, importance, amount or value of something

Tragedy : a very sad event or situation, especially one involving death or suffering
a play about death or suffering with a sad end, or this type of play generally

actress : a female actor

Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) : held annually in Haeundae-gu, Busan (also Pusan), South Korea, is one of the most significant film festivals in Asia.[1] The first festival, held from September 13 to September 21, 1996, was also the first international film festival in Korea.


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