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November 14, 2012

The History of Soccer

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1. Federation: A group of organizations, clubs, or people that have joined together to form a single group
2. hostile: Angry and deliberately unfriendly towards someone and ready to argue with them.
3. attendance; The number of people who attend a game, concert, meeting, etc..
4. qualify; To have the right to have or do something, or to give someone this right.
5. tournament; a competiton in which players compete against each other in a series of games until there is on winner.

Our presentation is about the history of soccer. these days, soccer is a very popular sport in the world. we are going to introduce the whole history of soccer.

There are many stories about soccer in the world, but officially soccer started in England. People need rules for soccer games. So in 1863, the British made a soccer association which was called FA. It was the first official soccer organization. In April 1888, six clubs started the first official league in the world. In 1904, the first international soccer institute named FIFA(Federation Internationale de Football Association) was made.

There are so many heroes in the history of soccer. For example, Pele(who was born in Brazil in 1940) scored 1280 goals, went to the world cup four times, and was on the winning world cup team three times. Addition, Maradona, Chaboom, Zidane, Beckham, Ronaldo, Messi, etc. There are many football heroes.

The first World Cup, as well as Jules Rimet Trophy began, Jules Rimet Trophy progresses over 40 years of competiton from west Germany in 1974, the title of FIFA World Cup and became the name of the current World cup.

Difficult to transport due to be held in Uruguay in 1930, the European team of the 1st tournament attendance was low. So, occupied by the 1st congress of Uruguay World Cup in Uruguay. And, won the 1st congress of Uruguay World Cup, Uruguay’s Jose Nasaji.

We know that ‘Pele’ and ‘Maradona’ respectively, in the Mexico World Cup in 1986, 1970 MVP won.

Happened in 1969, the events that had happened in the World Cup ‘El Salvador’ and football war between ‘Honduras’. When El Salvador players to stay in Honduras, Honduran fans screaming in front of the hostel, sleep deprivation, and eventually win in the first leg. in the second leg, El Salvador fans tremble in fear of the Honduras players and 3-0 victory. Victory in Game third leg held in Mexico from El Salvador, and eventually led to the hostility between the two countries reached the 100 hours of actual war.

The prize for the winners of the WORLD CUP was originally called the Jules Rimet Trophy. It was renamed the FIFA World Cup in 1974, after 40 years of lobbying from Germany.

The World Cup was held in Uruguay in 1930. Because of the difficulty of traveling there, attendance by European teams was low. As a result, Uruguay won.

In 1969, there was a war between El Salvador and Honduras. Because of this, matches between the two teams at the 1970 World Cup were very emotional.

The UEFA Champions League tournament is organized by the European Football Federation. It was known as the competition is between the best football clubs in Europe each year. European Cup since 1955, but was renamed the UEFA Champions League in 1992.

Discussion Questions

1. Why do so many people love soccer?

2. Why do you think the British started a soccer association?

3. Do you like soccer? Why or Why not?

4. Do you prefer to watch soccer or play soccer? Why?


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  1. This is a great post, thanks very much! I teach English and all my students love football, so it’ll be fun to use some of your ideas in my next class!

    Monica V

    Comment by Learn English — December 1, 2012 @ 1:59 pm | Reply

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