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November 14, 2012

Welcome To Our Chicken Land!!

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* Class #: 57

* Group #: 2

* Members’ names:
지성훈, 유성현, 유호균, 전일주

Our Presentation is about chickens!
Theses days chicken is popular. So, We Searched to this on the Internet.
Then Let’s begin our presentation.

First, Why is chicken popular?
-First of all, chicken is cheaper than others food. So, Many people like to eat it!
-Second, People of all ages like to eat chickens.
-Third, there are many kinds of taste & recipe etc…

Second, What kind of sauce do we use with chicken?
-There are garlic sauce, mustard sauce, hot sauce and onion sauce ~.
So, there is widely idea scope to choice sarses.

Third, What do you drink with chicken?
-Cool Beer(54%)! & Soju(17%) & Coke(29%)
which one do you like prefer popular Beer or coke?
most of over the 20th people like to drink beer!

Fourth, Do you know the history–283247&sid=UJxr1Bo6nFAAAEnyNkQ

of chicken franchise?

-‘Pelicana’ chicken was established in 4/27/1982 in Deajeon.
‘Smopechicken’ was *established in 3/18/1989 in Deagoo.
-Fried chicken is from the America south. All of the world, oil is a *valuable food.
So, it’s a *unique food. and White people raise chickens. but, Blacks was usually eat it.
So, chicken is *tradition food of Blacks.
-‘KFC’ was established in 1930.

Fifth, Negative effects.
-chickens are unhealthy.
-Hair loss. (Blood *vessels

are blocked by cholesterol)

★ Word
Establish : To start a company or organization that will continue for a long time.
Valuable : valuable objects could be sold for a lot of money.
Unique : different from everyone and everything else.
Tradition : a custom or way of behaving that has continued for a long time in a group of people or a society.
Vessel : One of the small tubes that blood flows through in your body.



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