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November 14, 2012

World Mysteries

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1. Glossary
1.mausoleum : a building where dead people are buried
2.archaeologist : someone who studies archaeology (archaeology:the study of ancient cultures by looking for and examining their buildings, tools, and other objects)
3 mercury : heavy, silver-coloured metal that is liquid at ordinary temperatures (formula Hg)
4 statue : a model that looks like a person or animal, usually made from stone or metal
5 scatter : to throw objects over an area so that they land apart from each other:
6 parao : a king of ancient Egypt
7 mummy : a dead body covered in cloth, especially from ancient Egypt:

2. Text
Qin Shi Huang’s mausoleum
His mausoeum is very amazing! (waw)
We will talk about the reasons
Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor.
Build during 246B.C to 208B.C. It is surpring because archaeoloyists have dug into only 10% of the mausoleum, and there are many Rumors that in Qin Shi Huang’s mausoleum there are many traps made with mercury.[1]

these are human figure statues in Chilean Polyresian island of Easter Island. their average height is 3.5meters and weight is 20tons. the heaviest statue is about 90tons and the tallest is about 20m. there are more than 600 Moai scattered across the entire island. every Moai has been loooking in one direction. Moai is so surprising because on Easter Island there are few trees and people but there are trace that someone transferred these. and Moai’s maximum weight is 20 tons, who transferred these status and how did they do it? one example: in 1950, one researcher successfully transferred a 12tons status with 180 people and a lot of trees in one month. but. Moai status’s average weight is 20ton and maximum weight is 90tons. Can you explain that situation same way the researcher did?[2]

The Pyramids are amazing!! you know what?
the weight of one pyramid stone is 2.5ton and one pyramid weights 4.54.5millon stons. But the more surprising thing is that the sides of the pyramids face towards Exactly Nouth, South, East and West.
In the Pyramids, there are Pharaoh’s causes. For example, every reaserchers who explored the Pyramids went mad, died, or disappeared. there are another mystery in Pyramid that in Pyramid there are mummy died egyptian. but mummy’s skin is not decayed during many years.[3]

We will finish a presentation. Thank you.

3. Reference

4. Discussion questions
1. do you know any mysterious places that you want to go to? why?
2. the Qin Emperor’s aim was immortality. then, what is your aim?
3. what do you think of the Qin Emperor’s options about immortality?
4. Who do your think build the Easter Island heads?
5. If your are Indian, how people move the big stone?
6. How do your think they cut the big stones for the Pyramids?

* Class # : 57
* Group # : 3
* Member’s names : 조현철, 우현정, 이상학, 송가연


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