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November 21, 2012

Unit 11: Appearances

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Page 112

Books closed. Listen to the conversation between Lori and Jin Ho. They are talking about someone they know.

1. What did he used to wear? (= What did he usually wear in the past?)

2. What did he used to look like?

3. Where is he now?

4. What does he look like nowadays?


1. He used to wear cargo pants.

2. He used to have long hair and a goatee.

3. He’s sitting right behind Jin Ho.

4. He’s wearing a suit and tie, and he has short hair.


Exercise 1, Part B

1. What do you call them/those

2. what’s his name,

what do you call them

3. what do you call it


Page 113, Exercise 2

Possible Answers

1. You mean cargo pants.

2. Do you mean a ponytail? / Oh, I know. You mean a ponytail.

3. You mean freckles. / Do you mean freckles?

4. You mean braces. / Do you mean braces?

5. Do you mean bald? / You mean bald.

6. Do you mean identical twins? / You mean identical twins.


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