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March 18, 2013

Unit 1: Making friends

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Page 3, Exercise 3, Part A

1. A: What’s your favorite color?
B: Red.
2. A: Are you an only child?
B: No, I’m not. I have one sister.
3. A: Do you have a car?/Do you have a driver’s license?
B: No, I don’t. I don’t drive.
4. A: Where does your brother/father work?/What does your brother/father do?
B: He works in a store.
5. A: What does your family do on the weekend?/What do your friends do on the weekend?
B: We usually go out to dinner or see a movie.
6. A: Do your parents go out a lot?
B: No, they don’t. They don’t have time.
7. A: Do you like mornings?
B: No, I hate mornings. I’m not a morning person.
8. A: Do you have a job?/Do you work?
B: Well, I have a part-time job. I work Saturdays.


Page 6, Exercise 1, Part B

Think of a way to start a conversation for each situation.

1. You meet someone new at a party. The food is really good. “This food is delicious.”

2. It’s a very hot day. You’re just arriving at a new class.
Ooh, it’s hot today. // Ooh, it’s hot. Can I open the window? // Is this your first class here? // Could I ask you something? Do you know the teacher for this class?

3. You’re in a long line at a movie theater. It’s a cold day.
Boy, there are a lot of people in line for the movie. // Could I ask you something? Do you know about this movie? // Ooh, it’s cold today.

4. You’re working out at a new gym. The music is very loud.
Gosh, the music really is loud, huh? // Is it me, or is it kind of noisy in here? // Hey, I don’t know you. Do you live around here?

5. You’re in a new English class. You meet someone during the break.
Could I ask you something? Do you know the teacher for this class? // Is this your first English class here?

6. You’re at the bus stop on a beautiful day. Someone arrives and smiles at you.
It’s a beautiful day today. // Could I ask you something? Does the bus come often? // Hi. I like your smile.

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